Muncy man struck by vehicle

A Muncy man is in serious condition after he was struck by oncoming traffic while crossing Lycoming Creek Road on Friday, police said. According to state police, ...

5 people charged with crimes

Five people have been charged with various crimes, according to court records. Those charged and the police departments involved were: • Tommy ...

Dear Annie

Dear Annie: I have been married for seven years. My husband has had not one but several affairs. And he didn’t just have affairs; he had two kids born six weeks ...

‘Kidpreneur’ startup

A Williamsport youth recently built and operated his own sandwich stand, selling made-to-order sandwiches, chips and lemonade. The almost ...

New business spotlight on Burden Lifter Organizing LLC

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The Iran nuclear deal: Toughen it or leave it behind

Direct talks are best path to proper hotel tax operation

17 years after the disaster of Sept. 11, 2001, does the national tragedy impact you?

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