Man who shared child porn goes to prison

A 36-year-old Muncy man will serve time in county prison before beginning a decade-long stretch of supervision for being in possession of child pornography. Two ...

9 accused of crimes

Nine people have been charged with various criminal offenses, according to court records. Those charged and the police departments involved ...

Dear Annie

Dear Annie: My wife and I have been together since we were just out of high school. We’ve been married for 18 years, and we have three glorious children. We have a ...


Walking around town — on your way to the library, bank or in the park — you may have spotted a brightly-colored rock on the ground. Did you ...

Executives departing after data breach

NEW YORK (AP) — Equifax announced late Friday that its chief information officer and chief security officer would leave the company immediately, following the ...

New business spotlight on Pick Fought Wealth Advisors

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Regional police get vote of confidence from misunderstanding

Don’t forget losses to Virgin Islands from hurricanes

17 years after the disaster of Sept. 11, 2001, does the national tragedy impact you?

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