Fashion Forward

Welcome to 2013!

I love the beginning of a new year for fresh starts, fresh perspectives and most importantly, fresh fashion. This year’s fashion trends were previewed during fashion week in December, but now the clothing has hit stores.

Late winter and early spring fashion trends will dictate a little towards this year’s summer wardrobe, so as I like to do, clothes will be interchangeable for multiple seasons.

For now, winter’s new trend is focused on pastels. Pastels can be paired with lots of other color schemes, and can be your focal point or your accessory.

Pastels are a great way to liven up the dull days of winter, and the soft hues are not too overwhelming for just about anyone’s fashion palette.

My price shopping took me to Target this month, and as usual, Target has great new fashion for completely reasonable prices.

For those casual days, or a date night, I love the pastel pink or mint sweater-sweatshirt with the lace, flower detail by Mossimo. At $20, this is not a bad price to jump into the new season’s trends.

The great thing about this shirt is that you can pair it with dark jeans, navy pants or even a pair of print jeans (another trend for this year). And it is light enough that you can keep it for those cool summer nights, especially since the pastel trend will continue into summer this year.

If you need to dress things up a little bit for work or for a nice dinner, a great pastel dress is a good option to join in the new trend. Target has two really adorable choices by Mossimo; a peach sleeved dress or a sleeveless mint dress, both less than $28.

In order to keep yourself warm enough during these late winter months, feel free to pair each dress with one of your staple blazers, with gray, black or navy working extremely well for these beautiful pastels.

Pair it with some dark sweater tights to keep warm, some nice boots or booties and you are set up for success.

Another way to liven up your winter wardrobe with pastels is by pairing a shirt, camisole, etc. with a fantastic pastel jacket. Mossimo makes an incredible mint green faux leather jacket for only $30. This is a really versatile piece to have because you can use it with dresses, tank tops, jeans, dress pants – pretty much anything will work well with this jacket. I would love to see it with a white shirt, possibly a colored scarf, dark jeans and great navy or black boot or heel.

As I said, pastels will carry over well into summer, so any of those pieces I mentioned will work from now until August, so I think it’s safe to say these are some great purchases to add to your wardrobe.

Just be careful, too much mint in your wardrobe can lead to too much mint chocolate chip ice cream in your belly. Trust me.

Morone may be reached at life@sunga Her column is published on the third Friday of each month.