New Beginnings

I recently had a conversation with my editor, noting that I wasn’t sure if I could continue to pump out “New Beginnings” that would relate well to this column and its readership.

After all, eventually you’d think that a person would run out of new experiences to write about. I told my editor that I might need to adjust the column a bit, to broaden the genre so that I could explore different subject matter.

She was supportive, encouraging me to tailor the column in any direction I see fit. When I sat down to think about this, a funny thing happened. I realized that when you write about new experiences, life has a way of constantly providing new material.

Each day brings with it new challenges, adventures and even emotions. This is one reason I try not to subscribe to New Year’s resolutions each year.

You can never be absolutely positive the personal elements that are important to you on Jan. 1 will be the same as on Feb. 1, let alone Dec. 1.

I saw a Facebook post recently from a friend that said “My New Year’s resolution is the same as many years past: To be a better son, husband, brother, uncle and all-around person in general.” If there’s one resolution I can subscribe to, this would be it.

Reading that post really stuck with me, and I try to keep its message in mind every day. Sometimes that’s difficult, depending on what life throws at you.

Recently, my wife and I have begun our transition down to the Philadelphia area. Heather was offered a wonderful position in the area, and seeing as how I’ve now earned my graduate degree, I’m hoping the area will offer me new opportunities as well.

We’ve been through this before; moving to a new area and starting fresh can be exhilarating and even therapeutic.

It also can be extremely stressful.

It’s hard to be patient, especially when you want things to happen immediately.

You want that great job and nice place to live. You want to learn the area as quickly as possible so you don’t look like a tourist walking the streets. But these things don’t happen at once – hence, the stress.

I’m one who admittedly looks to take these stresses out on my significant other. Something goes wrong? Must have been Heather’s fault. No possible way I did something wrong or life simply threw us a curve ball. I often have to catch myself on this.

Personal developments aside, the point is that life always will present new material, whether it be in the form of successes or challenges.

In theory, this should mean I will have an infinite supply of column material to keep “New Beginnings” running for many years to come.

I’d be willing to bet my editor may have choked on her coffee on that last sentence. I suppose that despite this, she’s stuck with me, for the immediate future, at least.

Somebody’s got to provide a little testosterone to the Sunday Lifestyle section.

Beardsley, a native of Loyalsock Township, was a former Sun-Gazette reporter. His column is published on the third Sunday of each month.

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