Bridge results

Following are the highest-scoring players in the area bridge games reported to the Sun-Gazette:

Williamsport Bridge Club

Feb. 4, Judy Stein and Mary Ann Churba, 77; David Winters and Ann Day, 65; Joyce Morgan and Sarabelle Leuthner, 59; Virginia Marshall and Marty Hodrick, 53; John and Jane Watts, 51.

Afternoon, Feb. 5, Roberta Doyle and Kathy Ebeling, 24; Joanne Hester and Mary Capkovic, 24; Lisa Godin and James Mather, 21; Shalagh Lavallee and Dorothy Angeli, 20.

Feb. 6, Mary Ann Churba, 39; Doris Plotts, 35; Virginia Marshall, 27; Lorraine Lecce, 27; Marty Hodrick, 27; Judy Stein, 27.

Feb. 8, Ann Day and Craig Netzlley, 37; David Winters and Joyce Morgan, 30; Nancy Pfeiffer and Lorraine Lecce, 23.

Loyalsock Bridge Club

Feb. 13, North – South, Doris Winner and Linda Barclay, 53; Jim Mather and Joanne Castlebury, 42; Mary Bennardi and Deb Porchia, 39.

East – West, Bettie Madeira and Shalagh Lavallee, 64; Stella Bennett and Maxine Lloyd, 48; Fred and Erdean White, 36.

Women’s Club Duplicate

Feb.14. Luba Ostrovsky and Doris Winner, 33; Ann Carey and Louise Haymes, 27; Carolyn Hume and Barbara Johnstone, 25.

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