Helping others find answers

Less than a year after Dennis E. Gilbert, a Williamsport native, published his first book, a second book, “Love to Hate the Boss,” followed, a book filled with workplace-survival tips.

” ‘Love to Hate the Boss’ was the passion that I was really aspiring to get out there, I didn’t want to wait any longer,” Gilbert said. “Today, if we wait, we miss those narrow strategic windows.”

All of his working experiences from a career spanning more than 25 years helped him shape the book, which he recognized would help people.

“I was able to refine that concept in recent years after many discussions, both formal and informal, with bosses and direct reports,” Gilbert said. “Often they will say similar things about each other privately. They just need to gain some understanding of each other.”

His book sets out to help both bosses and direct reports by showing them they are “in this together” and by discovering a better understanding of each other’s needs.

Tackling some of the tough workplace issues, whilst showing both the boss and direct report’s sides, was the most challenging part of writing the book. Yet the most rewarding part was knowing it would help people, he said.

“Love to Hate the Boss” teaches readers how to be seen and heard, make decisions and delegate.

“I work with so many organizations that have people challenges,” Gilbert said. “In fact, most of them do.

In many cases, people start to resent their boss or their organization, when in fact, there are good solutions to the challenges they face.”

Having witnessed people nearly destroyed by years of aggravation, frustration and disengagement, Gilbert wrote the book to help them gain a different perspective.

“Helping people is more of my passion than writing,” he said.

“Writing is a vehicle to help make that happen.”

Another way that he has helped people over the last 20 years is by speaking to small groups and teams.

He began delivering more formalized training about 10 years ago and gave his first keynote at a national conference in 2004 or 2005, when he was employed by Penn College.

His first few years, he spoke mostly to small groups, but those groups grew over the years, even though he wanted more keynote engagements.

“(Keynoting) is what I enjoy the most,” Gilbert said.

“Being in front of people and getting feedback when you’ve helped to make a difference. To me, this business is not about telling people what to do, it is about helping them realize the answers for themselves. Many know how to improve. They just need to get started.”

“Love to Hate the Boss” took about 18 months from its conception to publication.

He had been writing it in May 2012 when he published his first inspirational book, “90/90: Ninety Inspirational Messages, Ninety Seconds to Success.”

“I had already been writing “Love to Hate the Boss” and was more than half finished when I felt that my experiences with people and my professional offerings would benefit from the short message, inspirational quick read,” Gilbert said.

He hopes the book will allow people to find some answers.

“Many people have both good and bad days,” Gilbert said.

“Some people after a period of time tend to get stuck with a self-limiting perception or attitude. I hope this book allows them to recognize they have choices and can make a difference for themselves and the organization.”

Gilbert is planning one book about every 18 to 24 months and at this point all books will be motivational, success and workplace oriented.

The 196-page book can be purchased on Amazon or on his website at