Local author writes book about daughter’s illness

Williamsport natives Keith Cole and his brother, author Timothy N. Cole, hope to educate and inspire others with the true story of a little girl stricken with the “flesh-eating” disease called necrotizing fasciitis.

Timothy N. Cole has just completed a book, titled “Every Day for My Daughter,” which details the events surrounding the illness suffered by Keith’s daughter, Isabella.

” ‘Every Day for My Daughter’ exists for three reasons,” Keith Cole explained. “First, to educate people that flesh-eating infections can happen to anyone at any age. They spread quickly and they are deadly. Secondly, we hope to touch people’s lives and perhaps inspire them. And the third reason is to tell the world that when hope is all you have, you must hold onto it tightly.”

Keith Cole, who lost his first daughter in 1990 to an accidental drowning, was devastated once again in 2005 when doctors at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville informed Keith and his wife, Stacey, that Isabella had to undergo debridement surgery in order to save her life. The procedure involves cutting away the tissue damaged by the infection in order to stop the spread of the bacteria. Isabella was then transferred to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh where the couple waited and prayed for their daughter’s survival.

“I really felt compelled to share my story,” Keith Cole said. “So I asked my brother Timothy, who had already written a novel, to author this book.”

The official release date of “Every Day for My Daughter” is Feb. 21, however it is available now for online shoppers. For additional details, visit