Pray it forward

As life changes, our understanding and need for prayer also may evolve.

Most of us have talked to God through prayers. Some are asking for help, while others ask for attention to be given to others.

You’ve heard the saying “pay it forward.” Today I’d like to ask you to consider what I call “pray it forward.”

I’d like to first share a wonderful idea that is a personal mission of my friend, Richard Ogurcak. He is involved in the American Red Cross Bloodmobile drives. He suggests donors consider a two-part prayer when giving blood.

The first is to thank God for their own health; allowing them to give this gift. The second is to pray for the person or persons receiving their blood, and concentrate the prayer on the recipients’ healing. How compassionate an idea! I hope you will consider Ogurcak’s mission of awareness the next time you give blood or organize a blood drive.

Every time I see an ambulance, police car, fire truck, helicopter or other first responder – I consistently say the following to myself: “I pray for those being cared for and those whom are caring for their health and safety. Keep them out of harm’s way. And bless those that are waiting for each one of them to come home healthy and safe.”

I know surgeons and other doctors who say a prayer before they meet with each patient. I know many people who have prayed for God to help guide the surgeon’s hands, as they wait for news about their loved ones.

Each time I see someone in a military uniform, I thank them for their service and add a “God Bless You” – then follow by saying a quiet prayer while walking away.

Parishioners pray for their leadership and fellow congregation members, along with missionaries and those they serve.

Many of us pray for little birds and animals as they are so much a part of our family; whether under our roof, or living in the elements with Mother Nature. There are so many people who would appreciate your prayers; and your moment of respectful engagement with God might just help to answer their prayers.

So if it’s in your heart, who else could you add to your prayers today? May God bless you in your journey as both unwelcome – and welcome – changes occur in your life. May you consider the possibilities for yourself and others regarding the power of prayer.

And may your own personal prayers, asking for private help, be answered very soon.

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