Clio Club to host Fiona Powell

Fiona Powell, story teller and announcer for WVIA public radio and television, will be the featured guest of the Clio Club at 1:30 p.m. April 3, at 1200 Almond St.

Her titled story is “A British Girlhood or Derek the Lionheart and Other Heroes of Britain.”

Coming from a background of Welsh and Scottish folks, Powell specializes in tales from Wales and Wessex, England, along with Cornish and Scots stories.

Powell’s varied background has supplied her with many sources of stories. As a child, she lived in both Japan and France, finally settling in a small village outside Canterbury, Kent, in the United Kingdom. Also, she had frequent visits to Paris to interact with her father, an American lawyer.

Finally, Powell wed and became the mother of four children, working with sheep in Wales and Scotland. Later she moved to the United States, where she turned her hobby of folklore into a career.

To register, call Barbara Weaver at 398-2785 by March 31.