New Beginnings: Back on the market — exploring the job market in a new town

As I’m writing this column, I have one week of unemployment under my belt.

My dad has a saying; one of his many that I will more than likely always remember: “The only thing worse than having a job is not having a job.” How true this is.

I’ve finally relocated to the Philadelphia area to join my wife, which has been a bittersweet move.

On the one hand, I’ve left the sports industry, not to mention working for the top affiliate of my favorite sports franchise, the New York Yankees. But on the other, this is the first time my wife and I have lived under the same roof in close to a year.

So, here I am. Unemployed. Bored. But with my wife. All in all, life is pretty good.

Even in just the first week, my days have quickly developed a simple routine. I wake up, walk the dog, grab a bowl of cereal and turn on the computer in search of positions that I’m qualified for.

The positive is that in my transition to a much larger market, there are plenty of positions in which to apply.

Unfortunately, I’m also battling a larger pool of qualified candidates.

I’m the type of person that can’t sit around all day and feel as though it was productive.

Despite the temptation of my couch calling me all day long, there’s got to be more accomplishment in order to sleep at night.

It’s a terrible feeling when you’re contributing nothing to the household. What’s worse, Heather and I are temporarily in a one-bedroom, shoe box apartment that needs little upkeep.

I never thought I’d want my own property again so that I could take care of the yard and make household improvements and repairs.

Interesting things did pop up last week, including a couple interviews and some apartment hunting in downtown Philadelphia. That certainly broke up my couch-sitting time, but it’s not work.

I need work in my life. Some people say that they’d rather work to live than live to work; I’m not sure if I necessarily agree with that.

My career goals are what drive me. I’m constantly working toward that next career level so that I can enjoy the little things with my wife.

That’s at a small hitch for (hopefully) a short time, but well worth the cause.

Heather and I see a lot of promise for wonderful living in the Philadelphia area, including some big-city living that we’ve been talking about doing for a long time.

Before I know it, life will be back to normal. I’ll get offered another position, we’ll find a more permanent residence and life will regulate itself.

Until then, I suppose I’ll enjoy sitting in my underwear until noon every day.

After all, I do my best cover letter and resume writing in my underwear.

Beardsley, a native of Loyalsock Township, was a former Sun-Gazette reporter.