YMCA member spotlight — Emma Feaster

Emma Feaster, 11, was born with a condition known as Hypotonia, a condition that is characterized by weak muscle structure.

It is a lifelong condition that rarely sees improvement. Feaster has been swimming at the Williamsport YMCA every other day for several months. In summer 2012, Feaster enrolled in private lessons at the Y.

Since her original enrollment, she has improved from being a non-swimmer to participating in the River Dragons Swim Club, where she not only holds her own with her peers, but often surpasses them.

Feaster also is enrolled in the home school swim program at the Y. Her mother, Pat, said, “I can’t believe how much she’s improved. Her physical therapists are all stunned by it, and they expect now she’ll continue to improve. More than that, though, Emma has really broken out of her shell in the past few months. She’s making friends. She’s getting exercise. She’s having fun. The Y has been amazing for Emma.”

Recently, Feaster has expressed a desire to continue swimming as often as she can.

“I want to be a lifeguard someday,” Feaster said, “I want to do what you guys do.”