YMCA member spotlight — Fred Lilley

Fred Lilley has been a longtime member of the Williamsport YMCA.

“You guys are so kind and welcoming,” Lilley said. “I love it here.”

Recently, Lilley was struck with a mysterious malady, of which doctors are still looking for the root cause.

“I woke up one day and my right shoulder ached so bad I wanted to cry,” he said.

Lilley was placed on medication to regulate the pain, but has often expressed a dislike for it. “Pills don’t cut it. And the doctors still can’t tell me why it’s happening,” he said.

Lilley decided to see what he might do on his own and started coming into the Y to rehabilitate his shoulder.

Working with the aquatics staff, Lilley started doing basic exercises in the pool, trying to increase his range of motion.

At first, he was unable to raise his arm above chest level. Now, just a few short months later, Lilley has regained the majority of use in his right arm.

“It still hurts, but the pool helps. I get in, do my exercises, hit the sauna and the hot tub, and it loosens up for me,” he said. “I don’t even take the pain pills anymore. I did a lot on my own, learning to eat right, dropping some weight, but I’ll tell you, you guys at the Y have been very supportive of my process. Thank you so much for that, it’s been a great help to me!”