YMCA member spotlight — Fran Winner

My name is Fran Winner. I’m 59 years old. I’ll be 60 in May.

I’ve been coming to the YMCA since the end of October 2011. My daughter Lisa actually got me started using a free trial.

We started on the machines and decided to see what Zumba was all about. We laughed and laughed because it was something new to us and fun. I loved it. She preferred the machines.

I stared going four days a week, two days of aqua Zumba and two days of land Zumba. I was hooked. I found something for me.

I always loved to dance. I tried everything in the past – machines, weights, gimmicks nothing worked for me. My treadmill at home is my towel rack.

I love to walk and swim, but Zumba is my passion. I believe everyone needs to find what works for them – your own niche, something you enjoy. That’s the key.

Find something you look forward to, not dread. I didn’t go near a scale. Before I realized it, I was losing weight. I lost 25 pounds in a year.

My friends, family and my doctor were all telling me how good I looked. I didn’t diet.

I work part time in a hoagie shop and yes, I eat the hoagies.

I believe the YMCA is a wonderful place for you and your family. It will leave you with a sense of belonging to a “family.”

The instructors are all very friendly and helpful in achieving your goals. My personal favorite is GiGi. To me, she is one of the best, very encouraging and fun. She cares about every individual’s progress. I look forward to my classes. I feel better. My overall health has greatly improved.