Favors Forward Foundation helps community members

Favors Forward Foundation recently joined together to help a little girl celebrate her 7th birthday. Because her parents are currently facing a life-changing hardship, they were not able to purchase presents for their daughter.

More than 15 Favors Forward volunteers donated toys, gift cards, money, a handmade pillow and more, helping to make this little girl’s birthday special.

Favors Forward volunteers and their family members also stepped up recently to offer their time, talents and energy to help a local family move to a new home.

Those who have received assistance from Favors Forward Foundation are required to “pay it forward” by helping someone else.

Favors Forward Foundation offers several programs for families struggling with life-changing hardships including job loss, disability, illness, death in the family, domestic violence, separation and divorce, home fire or flood, military deployment and more.

Their focus is individuals and families in Lycoming County that are not receiving ongoing assistance from other agencies.

Their programs include weekly food deliveries, adopting a family for the holidays, adopting a student to help with back to school needs, providing scholarships for music, dance, art and more, sending kids to summer camp, and volunteers offering their time to help community members in numerous ways.