Friends of Canton library to sponsor hike

CANTON – A hike to Fall Brook Park and Face Falls Armenia Mountain, will take place on May 18.

Participants will meet at 10 a.m. at the Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ parking lot, on East Union Street and Minnequa Ave.

The guide will be Gene Kennedy. Kennedy will take the group on a walk around the former town of Fall Brook.

Fall Brook was a cole mining town in the 1800s reaching a population of 2,300 in 1872. Fall Brook was a borough incorporated in 1864 and had two schools and two churches.

Now, all that remains is a babbling brook, beautiful waterfalls and a stone bridge. Fall Brook was a popular picnic place in the 1950s.

Face Falls is along a stream in Tioga County close to the Bradford County line. Over the centuries, the stream has been hewn from the rock and in one particular spot a face has been carved in the rock wall. No one seems to know when or how the face was carved in such a peculiar and awkward place. The face remains a mystery today.

Attendees will stop at County Bridge on River Road to picnic before heading to Face Falls from Fall Brook.

There will be a car pool to the sites. The hike is not difficult and is open to people of all ages.

The group will spend an hour at Fall Brook, lunch for half an hour at County Bridge and then an hour at Face Falls.

Call 673-5744 to sign up for the hike.