Life Changes

“Being grateful” can be a part of every moment; whether we feel a gift or blessing of various sorts was received, or the other extreme where we’re feeling tested.

Appreciating what we have, versus don’t have, can take some discipline of thought. We often act as though our mental and emotional wiring wants something more, or a different outcome.

My question to you is, when does something or someone fit YOUR yardstick to finally feel grateful?

Maybe you already are a very thankful person, and don’t hesitate to share that message. Maybe you’re holding back. And maybe this topic is just good for your personal reflection. It is for me.

I was very struck by a message in my daily meditation book by Sarah Young, titled “Jesus Calling.” She used the illustration of Eve in the Garden of Eden having endless gifts of abundance all around her, and yet she chose the apple.

That made me think about how appreciative I am, and how I could evolve more with this reflection.

I admit, in times of trial, I often set my eyes on my wish list of changes. I focus on those things I want to accomplish and often forget where I have already succeeded. Along with this, I can be a daily “worrier”.

I know many people who hold grudges, as if it holds some kind of comfort for them. Yet does it really?

We go through daily challenges that, at the time, we can’t comprehend. Yet I have faith (although impatient at times) that someday I will understand. I hope you can hold onto that thought as well.

Without lacking compassion in my message, some events in life “are what they are.” These are “life changers,” and I feel for your losses – as I too have had many. Yet through those losses I have reminded myself of the people and resources that ARE still here and accessible. To be honest, sometimes it feels like a lot of work to stay mindful. Practice, with patience, is what helps. Is it the same with you?

Through all my prayers, I remember to be thankful first. Although my questions to God may be many, here is the shortlist of what I’m grateful for: strength when I am weary, courage when I am doubting, guidance when I have wandered, trust when I have been disillusioned and peace when I am fearful.

Can you relate?

May you look at appreciation and gratefulness in every moment. May you remember how grateful people are for you – even though they may not have told you. And may you find a place of peace, which allows you to fully envelope yourself in an abundant flow of unending gratitude.

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