Save the earth: Horizon contracts with FourthGradeForesters

Arbor Day and Earth Day both fell during National Credit Union Youth Week, April 22 through 26.

Horizon Federal Credit Union decided to do an outreach into the communities in which they are located. They contracted with FourthGradeForesters to purchase and deliver trees to fourth graders at area school districts. They purchased trees for all fourth graders at Round Hills Elementary, Williamsport Area School District; Nippenose Valley, Jersey Shore Area School District; and Robb Elementary, Keystone Central School District..

“Presenting fourth graders with the trees was a win-win situation for all. We were able to give back to the community, set a seed with the fourth graders about saving and teach them to watch their trees grow.

Trees are like savings – they don’t grow overnight. They both need nurtured and in time both the tree and savings will be bountiful. And, in doing so it kept people with disabilities at work here in the United States, because the trees are packaged by workers with disabilities,” Horizon CEO Traci Donahue said.

In 1885, a national group of educators urged observation of Arbor Day in the nation’s schools on the official Arbor Day of each state.

School observation of Arbor Day grew by leaps and bounds. Over the years, millions of children received and planted millions of seedlings that grew into millions of mature trees.

Together, those trees make up a unique forest. A forest planted by generations of America’s kids. Then the idea was forgotten.

It was decided that it was a great time to revive that tradition, in this era of global warming and air pollution, tree planting is even more important than ever. Trees take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere to help reduce warming and help clean the air we breathe.

Planting trees is a simple, inexpensive and easy way to address the problem.