Veggin’ out

Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to pamper the women in your life, and the best way to start the day off would be to serve her breakfast in bed.

Going the meatless route, why not try a nice tofu scramble with a side of potatoes and “fake” bacon or sausage.

Tofu scramble

Don’t be afraid of the tofu! It really is delicious and so versatile. It basically takes on the taste of whatever you want it to, depending on the ingredients you use. It is a great source of protein and excellent egg substitute in recipes like this.

This recipe will make quite a bit, so the whole family can share.

1 package extra firm tofu, drained and pressed

1/4 cup finely chopped onion

1/4 cup finely chopped pepper (red, green, yellow, orange – use your favorites)

2 tablespoons oil

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon tumeric

Salt and pepper to taste

After pressing tofu in the sink for about an hour, crumble into a bowl with your hands or a fork.

Add onion, pepper and mix together. Saute mixture in oil for about 3 to 5 minutes, stirring often. Add remaining ingredients and cook on medium heat for about 5 more minutes.

Add more oil if needed.

The tofu scramble can be served plain on a plate or wrapped in a tortilla with salsa for a breakfast burrito. Add some cheese, Daiya for the vegans, for a gooey scramble, or use your imagination and add whatever mom would love.

Breakfast potatoes

These are so easy to make and can be eaten for breakfast lunch and dinner, but make a great side dish for your morning breakfast plate.

3 to 4 large potatoes

1/4 cup onion, chopped

3 tablespoons oil

1 tablespoon parsley

1 teaspoon garlic powder

Salt and pepper to taste

Wash and scrub potatoes and cut into small cubes.

Place potatoes in heated oiled skillet and saute with onions until soft and starting to brown, stirring occasionally.

Add more oil throughout cooking if needed.

Add remaining ingredients and cook until heated all the way through and golden, about 10 minutes.

Add other spices to mom’s liking. Also can top with shredded Daiya cheese for cheesy potatoes

Place the tofu scramble and potatoes on a plate and add some toast and some meatless bacon or sausage. For the vegan moms, be sure to check the labels for the bacon and sausage, not all meatless products are suitable for vegans.

Don’t forget a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee and maybe a bud vase with a single small rose or carnation for an extra touch to show mom how much she means to you.

Reppert is the Lifestyle and Education editor at the Sun-Gazette. Her column is published on the second Wednesday of each month.