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Truth: a well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men. The men in your life don’t want to be told how to dress, but let’s face a hard fact of life, sometimes they need a little help.

Please be assured that I’m not suggesting we turn them into hipsters or Ken dolls. A better goal is a well-groomed, well-dressed, and ultra-masculine man you can be proud to have on your arm.

5-steps to helping your man look and dress better:

1. Fit. Baggie clothes were in style during the ’90s, ie., more than 20 years ago. It’s time to step away from the sagging jeans and oversize T-shirts. Welcome to 2013, here in the present we’re wearing more fitted clothing, including dress shirts and T-shirts, as well as pants and shorts. Things don’t have to be so tight you can read the mint date on the penny in your pocket, but they should be fitted enough to look tailored as opposed to slovenly. (But leave the bike shorts at home unless you are actually cycling, guys, because nobody looks good in bike shorts.)

2. Purge and rebuild. It’s better to have five good things that look great than 50 ill-fitting things in the closet. Put the focus on quality over quantity. It’s ok to have some yard work or painting clothes, but your guy shouldn’t be wearing honey-do clothes every day. Crank up some tunes and have him put on a one-man fashion show by trying on everything in his wardrobe. Donate the items that don’t fit to charity and only hang onto clothing that looks good on him. When you have some extra cash, go shopping together and make sure he tries things on. Too many guys just grab the same old stuff in their size and buy it without seeing if it actually fits or is even current.

3. Get that grooming under control. Skincare, hair, facial hair, eyebrows and body hair. It’s a jungle out there for men. Rather than let all that hair take over, invest in some good quality clippers complete with nose and ear hair attachments. Set aside some time on the same day every week for heavy duty grooming.

This is the time to help or encourage him to shave his back, trim his eyebrows, pluck out that ear hair, etc. If he focuses on manscaping upkeep once a week, it won’t get overwhelming.

Be careful with the eyebrows, over-plucking a man can make him look like a drag queen, less plucking is more prudent.

4. Change through gift giving. One way to take control of your partner’s wardrobe is through gifts. You can modify without being overbearing. You have Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, his birthday, Christmas and your anniversary to choose from. Those are five potential opportunities to sneak a little style to your guy in the guise of a gift.

5. Keep it simple. Clean lines, solids, and fewer pockets will all make a man look more put together. Things that look sloppy: cargoes (unless cargo pants are part of his job), lots of goofy logos or loud prints, loose fitting or saggy shorts. All of these clothing items will not do justice to his manly physique and should be avoided.

Do not forget that people judge a man by what he wears before they get to know him. I know what you’re thinking. People shouldn’t judge others on appearance, but life isn’t fair and that’s just what they do. If someone dresses like a slob, he will be treated like a slob and not be taken seriously. If he dresses appropriately and takes pride in his appearance, he will have more opportunities in all areas of his life.

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I’m just a thrifty girl with a keen eye for beauty and fashion. Just ask my friends (and their teenage daughters). They frequently ask to borrow my clothes, teach them how to apply makeup and to advise them on what to wear for special occasions.

More importantly, they ask me how to stay current and fashionable in this economy without breaking the bank. I’m all about finding personal style and accentuating natural assets.

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