Money from book sale to fund many resources, programs, events and more

When people donate to a cause, they like to know that their money is being used for its intended purpose. Such confidence belongs to those who belong to or buy books from the Friends of the James V. Brown Library, a volunteer organization.

A $7,000 profit from the Friends’ April book sale at Pine Street United Methodist Church will go toward fulfilling a “wish list” prepared by library administration and staff. On that list: children’s resources and summer reading programs, additions to the large-print book collection, story hours, First Friday events at the James V. Brown Library and a fall author gala to be held at the Williamsport Country Club.

As government subsidies to libraries shrink, donations and used book purchases from the greater Williamsport area have increased, allowing the James V. Brown to continue programs that otherwise might be curtailed.

Proceeds from the Friends’ Favorites Book Store on the third floor of the library’s Welch Wing assist in fulfilling the library’s wish list, including funding for One Book, One Country in which library-sponsored events will focus on this year’s selection of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.”

In all, Friends of the James V. Brown Library has provided at least $20,000 for otherwise unfunded programs for the library so far this year. Another used book sale will be held at Pine Street UMC on October through 5 with an October 3 preview sale for Friends members. To join Friends of the James V. Brown Library, get an application at the Friends’ Favorites Bookstore, the James V. Brown circulation desk, or online at