New Beginnings with Ryan Beardsley


Special to the Sun-Gazette

I consider myself a man in pretty good shape. But let me tell you, my legs are barking at me this morning.

I spent this past weekend moving into our new house in Philadelphia. Two days of bringing box after box up two flights of stairs has taken a toll on my calves, which no amount of regular leg exercises could have prepared me for.

Most people dread moving – and I’d certainly have to agree with them. The physical moving process certainly isn’t something you look forward to, but it’s usually something you have to face at least a few times in a lifetime.

For this move, I decided to make things a little easier on myself and hire professional movers. I use the term “professional” here loosely, however. When the movers showed up Saturday morning (on time by the way, even a few minutes early), they certainly weren’t what I was expecting in a moving team.

First off, two of the three movers were skinnier than me, which didn’t give me a whole lot of confidence in their strength. They were younger guys of what many in Philadelphia would call of the “hipster” persuasion. Musicians by trade, these guys picked up jobs as movers to make ends meet.

When I think of professional movers, I imagine 6-foot-5-inch, 300-pound men with large back supports strapped around their generous bellies. Needless to say, these guys were not that stereotype.

Although skeptical at first, these guys quickly proved me wrong. They were energetic and much stronger than they appeared.

More importantly, they were careful with not only our belongings but with the walls and ceilings of our new house. They took sharp corners like they had done it a few hundred times before – which I’m sure was close to accurate.

Of course, I couldn’t bear to just stand there and watch them, so I took part in moving many of the boxes, as well. I was smart enough, though, to leave the heavier items to them. After all, that’s what I paid them for, right?

I wasn’t sure at first if hiring professional movers would be the way to go.

I’ve heard some horror stories from people who moved and had lazy, careless movers show up late. Luckily, we got a good group of guys who I would hire again in an instant if we move again.

It really does take so much of the stress out of the day. I realized I was getting a little too old to call on old college or high school friends to make the trip and undergo hours of grueling physical exertion, all for the payment of beer and pizza.

Now, I suppose we’ll spend a few weeks living out of boxes and yelling out phrases such as “Do you know what box you packed my brown belt in?” and “I can’t find the can opener! What do you mean it was in the box with the silverware? I’m telling you, it’s not there!”

But I suppose if annoyances like these didn’t occur, moving would be a joy to look forward to. Yeah, not quite.

Beardsley, a native of Loyalsock Township, is a former Sun-Gazette reporter.