Cosmetic Chaos

I can still remember the first time I became interested in make-up. I used to play with my mom’s make-up, which at that time, consisted of bright blue and gold eyeshadows, Mary Kay foundation and concealer.

I wanted to wear it to school so badly, and I ended up putting the concealer, which was yellow tinted, all over my face!

Looking back, I’m still in shock that none of my friends were like, “Eh, what’s wrong with your face?”

Now let me explain – although my mother had make-up, I think she had worn it maybe five times in her whole life. And there were really no other females in my family, or extended family for that matter, who wore make-up on a daily basis.

Even to this day, I’m the only female in my family that will take a full 15 minutes to “put my face on.”

Not that I don’t go without it, but the whole process to me is calming and I like getting ready for the day.

I have come a long way from those days where I didn’t know the difference between an eyebrow pencil and a lip liner.

It started with a Bobbi Brown make-up book that I found at a used book store. I remember it paired colors with eye color, skin tone and hair color. It showed the reader how to enhance, not just slap make-up on your face. And that’s what make-up really is about.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I love when people go outside the box with make-up and products, it’s intriguing.

I eventually graduated to Cosmo magazine and started experimenting. My everyday make-up and hair look was normal, but I’d spend hours curling and styling, using strange colored eyeliners, cutting my own hair and trying different products.

Now I’m a full-blown cosmetics junkie. I guess you could even say it borders the line of being “Hoarders” style.

I’m willing to try anything, whether it be sticker eyeliner, any type of sugar scrub or photo-finish foundation. My hair has been every color of the rainbow, and while I regret it now (because my hair sometimes reminds me of all the things I’ve done to it), it gave me great experience on what to do and what not to do – a lot of what not to do.

In a world of ever-changing products and new advancements, I hope to enlighten you, as readers, on new products, including hair, nail and skin products, supplements that the beauty world uses, as well as make-up.

The last Friday of every month, I’ll review a batch of products, letting you know first hand what I liked, what I didn’t like and if I’d buy it again.

Have a product you think I should review? Let me know! Email me at I’d love to get feedback and insight.

Wiegand is a Sun-Gazette Lifestyle and Entertainment reporter.