DuBoistown Garden Club lists show winners

PENNSDALE – “USA Pride,” a patriotic judged standard flower show, was presented by the DuBoistown Garden Club July 12 and 13 at the Lycoming Mall.

Co-chairmen for the event were Rebecca Stark, Gladys Dapp and Susan Miller.

The following participants merited Special Rosette Awards in the Design Section: Kitty Hofer for the Sweepstakes Award by accumulating the highest score in the Design section, the Special Recognition Award for “Summer Recreation,” and garnered the Judge’s Award for the best creative Blue Ribbon Design in the Design section.

Also meriting roseetes in the Design section were Jen Ayers, with the Table Artistry Award for “Holiday Celebration”; Rebecca Stark, with the Tri-Color Award for “Air Force”; Irene Coolidge, with the Petite Award for “Betsy Ross”; and Rita Bower, with the Designer’s Choice Award for “Yankee Doodle.”

Other first place winners in the Design section were Delores Montgomery, for “Clara Barton”; Kitty Hofer, for “Ben Franklin”; Mary Louise Kissell, for “Patio Lunch”; Linda Kopyusciansky, for “Duo Dining”; Jen Ayers, for “Stars and Stripes”; Rosalie Miller, for “Navy or Coast Guard”; Sharon Thompson, for “Army or Marines”; Marilyn Adams, for “Miss Liberty”; and Beverly Stroble, for “Winter Recreation.”

The Youth Top Exhibitor Award was won by first place blue ribbon entry of Campbell Kaczmarek, 8, in the Youth Division – “Beach Fun.”

Other youth winners and their ages were Sadie Odell, 2, first place; and Kaden Sherlock, 2, second place, in the 2 to 3 year old category. Trey Odell, 4, first place; Lyla Robbins, 4, second place; Sara Eastlake, 4, third place in the 4 year old category. Bailey Ulmer, 5, first place; Carter Peters, 5, second place; and Carolina Eastlake, 5, third place in the 5 to 6 year old category. Malcolm Ayers, 8, second place and Kayla Odell, 7, third place in the 7 to eight year old category.

In the Special Education Exhibits section, the National Educational Award was won by Nancy Hennigan and Gina Turner for “Recycling.”

The Pennsylvania Education and Conservation Silver Award was won by Virginia and Todd Schuman for “Backyard Pollinator Gardens.” Ettinger’s Landscaping and Kathy Foreman received Appreciation Awards for their horticulture artistic displays. Also receiving Appreciation Awards were Susan Miller, for her front entrance display, and the Masonic Eureka Lodge for their loan of the American flags.

The Horticultural Sweepstakes Award for the highest score in the Horticultural Division was merited by Gladys Dapp. Rosettes in the Horticultural Division were awarded to Cindy Belles, the Horticultural Excellence Award and Award of Merit for her HybridLily Bulb, “Salsa.” To Gladys Dapp, Awards of Merit for her annual dahlia zinnia, “Dreamland” and her perennial delphinium, “Fantasia Mix.”

To Dania Swaggerty, the Award of merit for her artemesia herb, “Oriental Limelight.” To Carolyn Cosentine, the Arboreal Award for her “Alaskan Cedar” tree branch. To Bernadette Servey, the Grower’s Choice Award for her foliage container grown plan “Alternan Dentata” (“Calico or Parrot leafe plant”).

To Mary Louise Kissel, the Grower’s Choice Award for her hanging flower container grown plant, begonia “Red Wing” and the Collector’s Showcase Award for her cut fresh foliage plant material, five hosta plants, “Hosta Sieboldiana, Hosta Undulata, Hosta Northern Exposure, Hosta Rainbow’s End and Hosta Sum & Substance.”

The DuBoistown Garden Club was awarded the Staging Award for the flower show.

Upon scoring high points for their flower show, the DuBoistown Garden Club was asked to compile a book of evidence for further awards.