Library offers Civil War collection

As the nation commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War with a wide variety of events and programs that reflect on the monumental impact this conflict had on the country, the James V. Brown Library is fortunate to be able to offer its impressive Civil War collection to the community.

Comprised of more than 1,200 titles, it is in large part the bequest of two passionate local Civil War scholars. The Conway collection focuses more on the North, the Irish Brigade and Civil War-era medicine. The Barbara Jeanne Raup collection has an emphasis on the Confederacy, its generals and battles.

Celebrated authors and experts such as Shelby Foote and Bruce Catton are represented, as well as several bounded series and a Civil War atlas.

Collectors of memorabilia may want to check out the Collector’s Encyclopedia. Of course, all the famous battles and men are included, as well as several photographic histories.

Combined with Brown Library holdings, this Civil War repository boasts comprehensive coverage of the bloodiest and most costly conflict on United States soil.

The library’s historical resources help citizens to enhance their social and civic literacy, essential to a healthy democracy. Social and civic literacy is a component of PA Forward, an initiative from the Pennsylvania Library Association.

The James V. Brown Library is committed to opening the doors to lifelong learning through the development of collections such as these and strives to find new opportunities to enhance our resources for the community.

The Civil War Room is adjacent to the Moltz Rotunda Room in the Vintage building.

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