Library’s ‘Wowbrary’ weekly features

[TABULATED_DATA]”The English Girl” By Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva delivers another spectacular thriller starring Gabriel Allon: The English Girl.

When a beautiful young British woman vanishes on the island of Corsica, a prime minister’s career is threatened with destruction.

Allon, the wayward son of Israeli intelligence, is thrust into a game of shadows where nothing is what it seems … and where the only thing more dangerous than his enemies might be the truth.

Silva’s work has captured the imagination of millions worldwide.

“Conquering the college Admissions Essay in 10 steps, Second Edition: Crafting a Winning Personal Statement” By Alan Gelb

A guide to crafting a meaningful and polished college admissions essay that gets students into the school of their dreams by expressing their unique personality, strengths and goals.

Writing a memorable personal statement can seem like an overwhelming project for a young college applicant, but college essay coach Alan Gelb’s organized and encouraging step-by-step instructions take the intimidation out of the process.

Gelb teaches students to identify an engaging topic and use creative writing techniques to compose a vivid statement that will reflect their individuality.

“Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin: The Revolutionary Low-Sugar, High-Flavor Method for Crafting and Canning Jams, Jellies, Conserves, and More” By Allison Carroll Duffy

If you’ve ever made jam or jelly at home, you know most recipes require more sugar than fruit – often times 4 to 7 cups – causing many people to look for other ways to preserve more naturally and with less sugar.

Pomona’s Pectin is the answer to this canning conundrum. Unlike other popular pectins, which are activated by sugar, Pomona’s is a sugar- and preservative-free citrus pectin that does not require sugar to jell.

Library’s ‘Wowbrary’ weekly features

Tyler Perry’s “Temptation”

An explosive romance about forbidden desires, Tyler Perry’s Temptation tells the provocative story of Judith, an ambitious married woman whose temptation by a handsome billionaire leads to betrayal, recklessness and forever alters the course of her life.

Tyler Perry’s “Temptation” is written for the screen, produced and directed by Tyler Perry.

“Golf Science: From Tee to Green”

Golf is perhaps the most complicated but simple game ever invented. Golfing greats like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods make the sport look easy, but anyone who has ever picked up a club knows how truly frustrating golf can be.

The success of each shot depends on a diverse range of factors, from the club you choose and the speed with which you swing it, to your mood, the weather, and even the type and cut of the grass.

“Hunted” By Karen Robards

In New York Times bestselling author Karen Robards’s latest heart-pounding romantic suspense novel, a reckless former detective knows too much and a hostage negotiator is forced to join him on the run for his life.

Caroline Wallace is one of New Orleans police department’s top hostage negotiators, and she’s never failed to get every hostage out alive. But this time, it’s different.

This time, the hostages include her boss, the chief of police, and the mayor.

Library’s ‘Wowbrary’ weekly features

“Kennedy’s Last Days: The Assassination That Defined a Generation” by Bill O’Reilly

More than a million readers were thrilled by Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing Lincoln,” the page-turning work of nonfiction about the shocking assassination that changed the course of American history.

Now the anchor of “The O’Reilly Factor” recounts in gripping detail the brutal murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy – and how a sequence of gunshots on a Dallas afternoon not only killed a beloved president, but also sent the nation into the cataclysmic division of the Vietnam War and its culture-changing aftermath.

“Poems to Learn by Heart” by Caroline Kennedy

For this companion to her New York Times best-selling collection, “A Family of Poems,” Caroline Kennedy has hand-selected more than a hundred of her favorite poems that lend themselves to memorization.

Some are joyful. Some are sad. Some are funny and lighthearted. Many offer layers of meaning that reveal themselves only after the poem has been studied so closely as to be learned by heart.

In issuing the challenge to memorize great poetry, Caroline Kennedy invites us to a deeply enriching experience.

“Revolutionary Summer: The Birth of American Independence” by Joseph J. Ellis


From the award-winning, preeminent American historian is a revelatory portrait of a crescendo moment in American history.

Joseph J. Ellis’ focus is the summer of 1776, the most dramatic few months in the story of the country’s founding. The thirteen colonies came together and agreed to secede from the British Empire.

At the same time, the British dispatched the largest armada ever to cross the Atlantic; it cruised off the coast of Staten Island in early July. The Continental Congress and the Continental Army were forced to make decisions on the run, improvising as history congealed around them.