When you wish upon a star

In 1972, Jane Miller and her husband Charles, of Jersey Shore, took their first trip to Disney World on a whim when Charles was the president of the Jersey Shore Lions Club, venturing to Florida for a conference.

That trip has sparked a long-term love of Disney collectibles, and Miller’s collection has numbered up in the hundreds.

“Since that first time, we have been there 19 times. We love the Main Street in Disney, the place where Mickey is,” Miller said. “Every time we go there, I bring home a momento. You name it, we have it!”

Miller does not limit her Disney finds to just at Disney World, though. She also has found some of her collection at yard sales and second hand stores. “I was somewhere at a yard sale and I got a print of all the Disney characters on the trolley cars,” she said.

Other items in Miller’s collection include flashlights, PEZ dispensers, a baby bottle, watches, figurines that move, salt and pepper shakers and clocks. Miller said she has a tea kettle that she uses on a regular basis, and has had to replace it twice.

Charles also has a piece of paper that he had Snow White kiss and Minnie and Mickey sign that he carries around in his wallet. The couple has a 57th anniversary pin from Disney World as well.

As for a favorite, Miller said her glass dome that is in the shape of Mickey’s head stands out to her.

It also was one of her more expensive collectibles. “I broke it, and I was looking on the computer and I found a man out West that fixes globes like that. I sent it to him, and he fixed it and he did a wonderful job.”

The Millers have family in the South, including a daughter who lives in South Carolina and other friends who live in Florida, making their trips more frequent.

As for adding to her collection, Miller said she is done with that part. She appreciates her collection and houses it in a corner cabinet that she exclaims is stuffed with momentos.

“I love Magic Kingdom, The Haunted House, The Bears, the House of the Presidents, all of those. We just love that part. That’s what we do when we go down there,” Miller said.

Charles said, “Disney is for adults, not children,” and explained the magic they still enjoy each and every time they visit.