Life Changes

Throughout our lifetime there are so many people, animals and places that we will miss – and are missing right now. Our feelings will span quite a range of emotions and often can overwhelm or confuse us.

Today’s column is focused on validating the human experience we share – one which we often keep privately to ourselves.

So how are you doing? And if need be, are you talking with someone about your thoughts – or feeling more lonely in your silence?

We each have different scenarios that bring us to this place of remembrance. Something could have happened two days ago, or more than fifty years ago, yet the “longing” can seem so fresh in our hearts.

I know there are people right now who are grieving the loss of a child, parent, sibling or friend. Missing them is timeless. Sounds, smells, tastes, dates on the calendar and laughter are only a tiny glimpse of the memory pool you store. I wish you peace with your private thoughts.

I also know there are pet owners who wonder if those that did not experience this type of family member, can ever imagine the depth of their feelings. I absolutely understand.

There also are those who truly are missing someone who is still alive, yet has changed – such as an aging parent or someone experiencing a disease. Remember that they, too, are missing the person they once were. Their feelings are extremely important to be respected and honored.

There are readers who are waiting for a loved one to come home, that wandered off into the unknown. I can only hope they find you again – very, very soon.

We also can miss the person we once were. The loss of relationships can dramatically affect our thoughts and beliefs regarding our own “identity.” I remember many times this has challenged me to the core.

As we pass through various ages and stages of life, we will miss roles which once consumed our focus and places that became a precious part of us.

There are many whom feel they missed important parts of their life, like their childhood, because of something someone said – and we believed them at the time. What I’m referring to is if someone said, “You’re now the man of the house since your father is gone” – or something similar to females.

If so, I’m very sorry someone said something like this to you – as it could have affected your entire life on how you deal with (or maybe even resent) relationships, commitments, entitlement and-or responsibilities. I know a large number of people whom have shared how this is part of their life’s story, which they struggle to see differently as the adult they are now. (Let’s be careful of our words to children.)

May the majority of your remembrances bring you some sense of joy – and even greater wisdom. May you remember that your identity is based on the core person you are, and how you author your life each day. May you be wrapped in the safety of angels’ wings through the challenges. And may you share your story with others – as no other exists quite like yours. Peace be with you.