SPCA seeks information about cat found in dumpster

The Lycoming County SPCA recently received a call from the American Rescue Workers regarding a cat found in their dumpster. The call was not totally unusual until it was reported that the cat was in a crate within a plastic garbage bag.

The crate had a message reading “Free cat good home good cat Garfield.”

Attached to the handle of the crate was a rhinestone collar. Garfield suffered urine burns on his abdomen and groin and was extremely stressed by his experience.

It is unknown for how long he was abandoned in this manner but the Lycoming County SPCA is seeking information about his former owners.

“There are so many abandoned cats brought to the SPCA on a daily basis, many left to fend for themselves in rural areas, but this is the most heinous form of abandonment I can imagine. If not for the workers who found this cat, he would have suffered from starvation and eventual death,” said Victoria Stryker, SPCA executive director. “Garfield needs a new home where he will be loved and cared for.”

Anyone with information about Garfield’s previous owner should call the SPCA at 322-4646.

Also, anyone interested in adopting may apply at the shelter, 2805 Reach Road.