Does a body good

September is the time for change. Change from summer to fall and everyone is back in school, except for me. My older sister went back to college and my younger sister went back to high school, so our house is a lot quieter. Every morning I laugh as my younger sister drives off to school and I don’t have to go.

It is important that students and adults get a healthy nutritious breakfast every morning. Eating and drinking dairy products helps you stay awake and pay attention, and also gives you more energy throughout the day. The dairy case has something for everyone including low-fat and fat-free varieties, as well as lactose-free products. Families can choose from a variety of milk, cheese and yogurt products to meet their taste and nutritional goals. Drinking milk and eating dairy foods makes it easy for children to get the bone-building calcium and other nutrients their growing body needs.

Here are some healthy foods for everyone to try.

Get-up-and-go breakfast smoothie

1 1/2 cups 2 percent plain yogurt, divided

1 cup (frozen mixed berries)

1/4 cup natural wheat bran

2 tablespoons sliced almonds (optional)

2 tablespoons liquid honey

In a blender, puree’ half the yogurt, along with the berries, bran, almonds and honey until smoothie; add remaining yogurt and pulse until blended. Pour into chilled glasses or travel cups and pour immediately.

Morning mocha

Mix a cup of reduced fat milk with a teaspoon of instant coffee and sweetened cocoa.

Mocha mud slide

Stir chocolate syrup into a cup of coffee flavored yogurt and freeze.

Banana split blenders

Blend low-fat strawberry milk with banana slices and ice.

Enjoy and don’t forget to get your three servings of dairy products everyday.

Wetzel, 18, is the SUN Area Dairy Princess serving Montour, Snyder, Union and Northumberland counties.

She is a recent graduate of Selinsgrove Area High School. She may be reached at Her column is published on the first Wednesday of each month.