He said, she said

(EDITOR’S?NOTE: This is the first column, which will run on the last Sunday of each month, giving a male and female perspective on different topics).

“He said, she said” … we all are too familiar with this catchphrase. Who is the one to start these disputes? Who gets the last word? Who is able to make the best, most valid points for their side of the story?

I’m not sure how other couples’ homes work, but in our house, the main family area is where our 50-inch plasma resides and belongs to my husband. And where is the cute 20-inch screen you ask? In our bedroom that is leased to me, of course, except for when my husband comes to bed and needs to finish one of his NFL, MLB or NHL games before falling asleep.

So in our late twenty’s and early thirties, why do I feel like an old married couple while one of us spends our evenings in one area of the house, watching a bunch of men run each other over and another is on a completely different level of the house, watching reality television solo?

He said

The large HD televisions were built specifically for watching sports. Last time I checked, you don’t need a 50-inch plasma to watch the Real Housewives of Nantucket or wherever those rich ladies reside.

Why is it too much to ask for a guy to sit in his recliner with a frosted beverage, bag of salty chips, and enjoy a ballgame? It’s not my fault that the NFL now has three nights of action. It’s not my fault that MLB plays every single night (and my Pirates are doing quite well this year I must add). It’s not my fault that the NHL also plays nearly every single night. I can’t help but watch!

And why should I feel guilty? I work 45+ hours a week, I wake up at the crack of dawn to help get all three kids ready for school, take care of two dogs, and then shuffle off all three kids to daycare and kindergarten. After a long day’s work, I get home to help with dinner, dishes, homework, bath time, story time, school lunch prep, among everything else. Once the 100 things off of my list are checked off, my recliner and remote await.

And I should never feel guilty for that. Right guys?

She said

Really? I would begin to list my day of work, errands, chores and on-call duties, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with our three babies under the age of five, but I don’t have quite enough space. With that said, why can’t you DVR some of your games and watch some of my shows, so we both are not only being fair in taking turns like we learned in elementary school but also taking interest in each other’s guilty, drama, action filled past times?

Despite making fun of my reality TV, including the Bachelor/Bachelorette, Real Housewives (and it doesn’t matter what county they are from), Giuliana & Bill, Bethenny and the list could continue.

But it’s comforting to see where other women are coming from and watching them overcome their struggles and to see their relationship battles and triumphs, and to maybe steal a romantic idea or two.

And who wouldn’t want to indulge in some late night talk with Andy Cohen about the hottest drama of who just got engaged, married, pregnant or in a catfight?

Despite being an athlete my entire life and enjoying the game, I have to say, I can’t take it watching sports every single night. There is always some game on that has some type of importance that must be watched. Personally, I feel each week we should randomly ‘draw’ days to see whose shows we watch … together.

Come on ladies … which show gives you more excitement and whose ‘players’ can give you more drama and action, the NFL or the Real Housewives of New Jersey? Am I right?

Terry and Regan Long are the parents of three. Regan also is a local author. Their column will be published on the last Sunday of each month.