Muncy Rotary acknowledges local students for work in Africa

MUNCY – Every two seconds, someone in the world dies from malnutrition; this was the statistic that struck a chord in the hearts of two college girls from Messiah College as they studied for a class.

Feeling strongly that they needed to make a difference in the world, Christie Heimbach, co-founder of “2 Seconds or Less,” talked to the Muncy Rotary Club about how her organization could change the face of poverty in third world countries.

Their journey of humanitarian aid by focusing on agriculture sustainibility and faith that God would help them, was presented to the club, who is interested in helping humanitarian causes.

Heimbach, 20, founded the non-profit organization with a friend from college to attempt to address the hunger issues throughout the world and especially third world countries.

Heimbach shared the tremendous poverty in Zimbabwe, the country they chose to begin their work.

Children in the country are harshly affected by the AIDS epidemic leaving one out of every four orphaned, many face little food and no education and no hope of breaking this cycle. Thus Heimbach and her colleagues mission’s approach involves working with and educating the people about the benefits, methods and uses of sustainable agriculture so that generations to come can live healthy and happy lives after their time with them is done.

Heimbach and her partners have visited Zimbabwe on three occasions and the last time their mission was cut short due to the political unrest.

Heimbach shared how her group was able to drill a well providing good water and also shared that every tree that they planted at a cost of $15 would feed a family for years to come. It was evident to the club that the students adhere to Rotary’s motto of “service to self.”

As Heimbach faces the challenges of raising funds to feed more children, plant more trees, dig more wells and travel to these far-away countries, she assured the Rotary Club that every cent goes toward the need and not into any administrative costs of 2 Seconds or Less.

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