Peak performance

A few years ago there was a nationwide survey asking small and large CEO’s what was the number one thing they needed to make the organization competitive and successful in the 21st century. The response that may surprise you was creativity and innovation.

Yes, indeed, technology, capital, marketing, etc. were cited as important, but the most important ingredient to a recipe of excellence was that of the imagination and ingenuity of employees. Yes, the unleashing of human brainpower – wow, to some a surprise, to others, who accept human beings as the greatest sacred aspect in life; nope, no surprise at all.

Insightful leadership recognizes and understands the employees have the experience, knowledge, expertise and desire to make the significant difference. I recall attending a seminar several years ago, and the speaker shared a real life scenario where a machine malfunctioned in a factory.

After lengthly problem solving by the supervisors, executives and engineers, the issue was unresolved. Finally, and long overdue by the way, they called a meeting of the machine operators from the factory floor.

Ah! A machine operator solved the problem. This example was not intended to be critical of management and engineers, they all have their very valuable expertise. But, successful organizations have and are recognizing the significant value of employee involvement -the people that work on and run the machines for a living.

Tap into their fantastic brainpower and results will follow. Invite their ideas, use their ideas and reward and celebrate their ideas; commitment, teamwork and engagement will follow. If you have 50 employees, utilize 100 percent of the genius of all 50. Be open to change, change is what positions your organization into congruency with a changing world. I recall a quote that said, “Your mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open.”

Ignite this brainpower into a spark of creativity and watch the flame of innovation heat your organization far beyond your imagination.