Halloween makeup pointers

Every year Halloween lovers try to out-do their costumes. Whether it be gruesome, original thought or crazy make-up popping a pair of ears and a tail on just won’t cut it anymore.

As for many people around the world, Pinterest has changed my life. It’s probably the best thing to happen to the cosmetics obsessed.

Every day I find something different to try, from homemade make-up -remover to new makeup ideas. And the site does not lack in Halloween ideas as well. Just a simple search of one key word and you are given a plethora of ideas, tutorials, place to get make-up, hair ideas and outfits. And we are just talking Halloween here!

You don’t have to be a cosmetologist or special effects make-up artist to look awesome on Halloween. Here are some pointers, whether you’re going for sexy, gory or just plain awesome.

Draw attention with fake eyelashes

I am a big advocate of fake eyelashes whenever dressing up. They add emphasis to a look and can draw attention to eyes, giving a flirty look. They seem intimidating, but they aren’t at all.

For beginners, I recommend the full strip lashes; leave the individual lashes to the pros.

Once you open the package, flex the strip of eyelashes to make it contour to your eyelid easier – this is key to helping the strip feel natural on your eyelid. You can trim the strip to fit your eyes as well. After that, put a strip of eyelash glue on the lashes and let dry for 20 seconds – this is another important step! Another trick I use is to use a hand held mirror and lay it on a table, looking down at the mirror. Wall mirrors make the angle sort of awkward when putting on lashes.

Don’t spend a fortune

You don’t have to spend tons on make-up for Halloween. A lot of everyday cosmetics can be very useful with dramatic looks for costumes. Eyeliner pencils are great for drawing designs, such as a sugar skull face, on your face.

You can buy a cheap eyeliner anywhere, sometimes for $.99 instead of shelling out up to $5 for something from the Halloween store.

Another trick I use is to take your everyday foundation and mix it with baby powder if you’re going for a light look. My skin is sensitive and a lot of times the cakey cream that stores have for Halloween causes break-outs, so I use my foundation.

Adding as much baby powder as you want will give you whatever level of paleness you’re looking for. Also, purple and brown eye shadows are great for creating creepy eyes and drawing a cute nose on your face for your costume.

Being undead is hip

Improvise! Gory costumes really are awesome to try out, especially since zombies are all the rage. Here’s a tip to create the perfect “dead” look on your face by making it look decomposing. Take toilet thin toilet paper or every tissue paper and apply it to your face with glue, preferably a glue that dries clear.

Do a layer of paper and then a layer of glue until you achieve the thickness you’re looking for. Before it dries, take a pin and pick the layers to give a flaked skin effect; you’ll definitely look undead. Color the “wounds” with eyes shadows, or layer your foundation over it.

And there you have it, some of my tips for awesome Halloween make-up. If you can’t visualize it, YouTube has amazing tutorials on pretty much any look you’re going for.

Weigand is a lifestyle and entertainment reporter at the Sun-Gazette. She can be reached at