Life Changes

Each of us has a different perspective on bravery and courage, and the vulnerability it may take to actually utilize those strengths.

Today I’d like to focus on the vulnerability that affords us a “brave heart.”

Vulnerability holds a special power, one that does not have a negative connotation.

For many it may mean a “weakness,” “being taken advantage of” or something private that people don’t want to share. I’m not dismissing those feelings.

Yet ironically, without having a sense of vulnerability, we do not connect with those we care about on very personal levels.

We make walls. We make them stronger. And then we wonder why we were misinterpreted, or can’t connect with someone on a loving level.

Of equal importance – we have it within us to proactively use a positive attitude about vulnerability, to fully commit to our dreams.

Dr. Brene’ Brown has been researching people’s perspectives on vulnerability for over a decade. If you’re interested she has several books. Two that I’m interested in reading are “Daring Greatly” and “The Gifts of Imperfection.”

She also has a YouTube presentation on “The Power of Vulnerability.” It is available at

Vulnerability allows us to open up to the possibilities of our life. Yet we often worry about what someone else will say – as if their judgment holds more power and importance than our very worthy thoughts, actions and goals.

There is always a risk. And there is a risk of not doing or saying something as well.

When thinking about it, self-actualization may be firmly rooted in the vulnerability to be who we truly are.

I know that not everyone is interested in reading the topic matter of my columns. That’s a natural course of writing and people’s reading interests. My goal is not to reach every reader, just those with an interest for that day. And at the same time it’s an example of “positive” vulnerability to open up and wordsmith through sharing on multiple levels.

So as Dr. Brene’ Brown would say, “Dare greatly.” Have a self-organizing principle beginning with your “clarity of values and faith.”

She believes, as do I, that you need to own your story – and to love yourself throughout your story. Not always easy, as those things we cannot control can cloud that feeling of self worth.

We change through the ages and stages of our lives. Often times, people around us don’t change in the same way. There is honor in loving people where they are, for who they are; all the while incorporating vulnerability to do so.

When we believe in something strongly, most will probably not even notice their amount of vulnerability to “dare greatly” in what they profess and act on. Yet it is there. And it is something to feel good about.

I share this topic as it also is new to me to think about. Maybe it will intrigue you as well.

May you hold onto a brave heart as you go through your days. May you show compassion in action, and strength of courage – even when weary. May you recognize that your personal thumbprint of vulnerability, is an important trademark of authentic self. May you continue to unlock doors and pathways through your inspirations.

Langley is the author of the new book “Life Changes”; coming out in paperback this fall.