Local paranormal group tells of favorite ‘ghost hunting’ equipment, experiences

For seven years, Dark Shadows Paramornal group has been conducting paranormal investigations, spanning from central Pennsylvania and even out of state, to places like New York, New Jersey and Virgina.

The group has nine members from the area, and founder Johnathan Casale, decided to form the group, which has grown over the years.

First investigations included cemeteries and old abandoned towns.

“Then we decided to do homes and help people,” he said. He wants to help people get rid of their fears and also help by providing explanations for what is happening.

Chris DeRemer, co-founder, said that before each investigation, a screening process is done and all information is confidential.

“We are there to look for the unknown, but we are also there to help people; give them reassurance,” she said.

Most things the group said can be debunked like noises from a house settling or seeing and feeling things from high EMFs (electro magnetic frequency) that may be given out from old wiring or an outside source.

The group has a plethora of equipment that they use on investigations.

Recently they met to talk about their favorite piece and favorite experience.

Samantha Crosley


Everyone knows the flashlight is my favorite. We screw the light on a tiny bit to where it’s not really on. Then we ask questions.

When we ask questions and they will turn it on for yes and leave it alone for no. It happens quite a bit.

Johnathan Casale

The K2 meter

We get a lot of responses with that. If you ask a yes and no question, it will light up or flash for yes and doesn’t flash for no.

Sara Lockard


I have caught a door opening and closing by itself with a shadow by the wall with no one near it.

George McGinty

Digital camera

My favorite piece of equipment, believe it or not, is the digital camera. We get a lot of evidence by just taking a flash picture. You can catch everything from orbs to anything unexplained.

I am reasonably new to the group and I have only ever had one experience with the camera. It was with her (Welch) and she was sitting on a bar stool in a garage.

I took two pictures, and one had this bright orb above her head and I took one right after that and it was gone.

Dana Garner

Digital recorders

We have caught a lot of EVPs. It’s always fun when you hear that first EVP and you hear something that is not suppose to be there and you can tell it’s not part of what was going on in the environment.

When I was taking a picture in a closet and I made a comment ‘gotcha,’ kind of goofing around a little bit and caught an EVP that said something like ‘not over there.’

Kris DeRemer

Our (human) senses

I like all of the equipment, but my favorite would have to be our senses.

They are original out of everything. Sometimes you get feelings when you walk into places, like heavy on the chest or cold feelings. Several of us have been touched during investigations.

Alyssa Sechaer


I only have been out twice, but it would have to be the flashlight. Because of all the cool stuff that happens. It is a little bit more than coincidence in my opinion.

I am a biology major (at Lycoming College) and the idea of my studies combined with paranormal science, something we haven’t yet gotten to study, is very interesting.

Lisa Welch

Digital camera

Years ago, when I first met them, (the other investigators) we took a picture of a tree and you could see someone with a miners hat peaking out around it.

Mike Miles

Camcorder and EVP recorder

With the digital camcorder, you can see whats going with your own eyes in real time and on night vision. With the EVP recorder you can hear so much more than you can actually hear.

My favorite experience with the digital camcorder was when we were in New York doing an investigation and I caught an anomaly coming right towards me.

One said “you go,” and another said “no” and then another “you go” and another one said “yeah.”

Investigations by Dark Shadows are free of charge. They can be contacted via their website www.dsparanormal group.com/ and be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ DarkShadowsParanormal.