Q & A with Brittani Kline

Despite having a busy schedule – travelling nationally and internationally for modeling gigs and bartending in between – the Sun-Gazette was able to catch up with Brittani Kline.

Lyndsey Hewitt: Do you still talk to some of the models that were with you on America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 16)?

Brittani Kline: I talk to almost everyone from the show, including production. Tyra (Banks, the show’s host) recently followed me on Twitter, but we haven’t spoke since the finale. I often text Molly, Sara, Mikaela and other girls from the show. We try our best to stay in touch.

LH: Do you miss anything about ANTM?

BK: As odd as it may sound, I miss everything being dictated. It was so easy to just wake up and do whatever production had planned. The fun shoots, celebrities, designer clothes and of course the girls.

LH: Is modeling what you always wanted to do, like is it something you gravitated to even as a child? When did you know modeling was your “thing”?

BK: I’ve been modeling since I was 7. I’ve always loved dressing up and being in front of a camera.

LH: What do you do in your spare time?

BK: When I’m not bartending, modeling or in class, I enjoy spending time with my family, boyfriend, cat Roscoe, painting, reading, writing, cooking and dancing.

LH: Favorite fashion designer and why?

BK: Marc Jacobs. Everything he does is perfect. He is so fun and relatively affordable compared to other top designers.

LH: Favorite clothing line and why?

BK: I just met the owner of a boutique in Tegucigalpa – The Heels. The entire line was wearable and they have an amazing cat dress. My favorite American place to shop is Urban Outfitters, they have everything.

LH: Do you have any advice for those seeking to work in the modeling and fashion industry?

BK: Anyone seeking to work in the fashion industry should start now, no sense in wasting time. Be confident and believe in yourself because if you don’t, nobody else will either. It is one of the hardest paths you can choose; you’d have more luck playing a professional sport. But if you love it, you have to follow your heart and passion. Modeling is even more so, you have to be all of that and more because it’s your physical appearance being critiqued. If you can’t handle criticism or have a good self esteem, it will most likely tear you apart. Many girls resort to drugs, eating disorders and sometimes suicide due the pressure put on them by the industry. People like to think it’s changing, but it’s still just as cut throat as the ’90s.

LH: Tell me about your fans … you have a pretty big following around the world, right? What surprises you most about having dedicated fans? Does it ever get creepy that people can Google you and such and find all kinds of information? You even have your own Wikipedia page!

BK: My fans are pretty awesome. I have 10K followers on twitter, and before I removed my ANTM Facebook page, I had 30K fans. I decided to stick to a Twitter and Instagram account over Facebook because it was easier and seemed more efficient to me. The fans have so many pages and I like to let them run it. It is truly amazing to be in another country and have people recognize you and tell you that you have inspired them. I am truly blessed to have been able to inspire so many people whether its to model, go to school or just be themselves. I really encourage that because there’s nobody you can be except yourself. I try to message fans and answer questions but it’s hard to get back to everyone. I have even learned Italian from some fans! My biggest fan base is most likely the Philippines and China.

LH: Where can people find you online to follow you?

BK: Twitter: @brittkline; Instagram: @brittanikline19; and