Costmetic Chaos: Hooked on the FabFitFun box

Guliana Rancic is known for more than just being a host on the E! Network. She’s been a role model for women, not only in fashion and trends, but with her life as well.

Still remaining glamorous, she let cameras follow her though some of the more rough times in her life, including her battle with infertility and breast cancer, as well as keeping a down-to-earth sense of humor, envious clothing and beauty routines.

So when I heard that she was starting her own “beauty box,” I knew it would be good. I’m hooked on these things.

I have subscribed to many of them, just to check them out and they are a huge trend among the cosmetic obsessed – bringing samples, sometimes high end, right to your doorstep, and alot of times they aren’t products you might necessarily pick of up in the grocery store.

FabFitFun box is kind of like the queen of all these boxes. It includes everything from beauty products, clothing, hair products, vitamins and more.

One of the great things about the FabFitFun box is that it includes mostly full size products as well. I received a great variety of products including Orville Redenbacher Popcorn, Starlooks 5 Shade Shadow Palettes, some mini game packs, vegan nail polish and snack bars, just to name a few things.

The eyeshadow pallete they included has now become a part of my daily make-up. Including five different shades, ranging from neutral to shimmery, the pallete is a perfect combination of colors.

You can use it for every day make up, as well as glamming it up at night with the darker and shimmery shades included.

There also was a scarf in the box, which is on trend – grey with hot pink birds, which pop against the neutral color. I like that this was included, as it is the perfect fall accessory and I can add to my growing collection of scarves.

Surface Trinity Protein Cream was also included in the FabFitFun box, which is perfect for styling hair, as well as protecting ends.

The description said it was named as one of Allure magazine’s favorite hair products, and I can see why.

It held my hair style all day as well as made my hair feel soft, mending split ends.

My favorite product in the FabFitFun box was the Drinkwel vitamins, which are vitamins for “the health conscious drinker.”

I guess you could nickname them “hangover pills,” but they replenish nutrients lost after a night of drinking and also help process the toxins alcohol puts in your body. So if you like to take advantage of happy hour, but don’t want to feel it later, take three of these pills before drinking and then three pills after drinking.

I used them, and although it depends on how much you drink, how much sleep you got and how much water you consumed, I did feel better. If these vitamins are taken on a more regular basis, I think it would produce even better results.

The FabFitFun box is aptly named – combining on-rend make-up, health conscious products for the modern day woman, as well as fun things that you might not be able to find in your local store.

The box is seasonal, so you get four boxes a year. And although it’s a little pricier than other subscriptions I’ve signed up for, it still has the convenient rule of being able to cancel at any time, absolutely being worth the price.

The products in the box retail for way more than you’re paying for the box, and the products are also very on trend for each season.

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Wiegand is a reporter for the lifestyle and entertainment departments at the Sun-Gazette.

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