DIY style

I’ve had a lot of people ask me where I bought certain, unusual pieces in my wardrobe and the truth is – they are from thrift stores.

Sometimes I’ll find something and it needs a little TLC, but usually it’s good as-is.

Here are some ways to inject a little vintage into your modern style.

Cat-eye liner

I pretty much rock one version or another of this every day. I find that even if I’m wearing a T-shirt and jeans (required for work), I still feel elegant as I’m making coffee or nuking an oatmeal cookie in the microwave.

Apply neutral eye shadow all over the eyelid or no eye shadow (that’s usually what I do) and do a precise black line from one third of the way in from the inner corner of your eye to the end of your eyelid on the opposite side.

Keep going or add a very thin upwards flick at the end. Repeat for the other eyelid. Apply lots of mascara. This makes your eyes stand out and works well with pretty much any outfit, vintage or modern.

LBD: The little

black dress

We’ve discussed it before, but I can’t stress it enough. Every woman needs her go-to little black dress.

Mine is a sleeveless fingertip-length sheath from J.Crew. I like to add fishnets and colored flats with a matching belt to my LBD, but it also looks great with a scarf or cardigan.

If you don’t have one, get one – preferably something similar to Audrey Hepburn’s classic LBD in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Diamonds (and pearls!) are a girl’s best friend

Nothing classes up your look or gives it a vintage nod like a string of pearls or diamond studs. Can’t afford the real thing? Me neither! I proudly wear my fakes.

I like to buy mine from Kohl’s or the thrift store – just make sure you clean any earrings with alcohol before you wear them to prevent an infection. They will look great with your LBD.

Broaches and bows

I love me a sparkly broach. I pin them on cardigans and belts, and often in my hair instead of a hairpin. I also add bows to the side of a bun, or clipped a few inches to the right of my part.

Both items are super-girly and can be found at the thrift store or made for less than $1. Get out your glue gun and make some hairpieces.

Rock or fake

that hourglass

I am a big believer in belts to accentuate or create an hourglass figure.

Whether you are wearing a sweater and jeans or a full-skirted dress, a belt really can take your outfit from simple to smokin’.

Invest in some cheap belts from the thrift store, they almost always are just $1. If you really want to “vintage it up,” match your belt and shoes.

The ’90s are baaaaaaaaack –

raid your own closet

I’m kind of wishing they weren’t (especially since my daughter discovered a hideous flowered hat a la Blossom), but the ’90s in all their floral, grungy glory are back in style. You have my permission to dig out your old granny dresses and combat boots.

Denim vests, plaid flannels and overalls all are back on trend. I’m wary of all this stuff because I was a teenager in the ’90s, but if you can make a crop top and baggy jeans work, more power to you.

I will be unearthing my floral baby doll dresses and pairing them with cardigans, tights and boots. (Does contempo casuals still exist?)

There is something so right about buying from the Salvation Army, Good Will or any other thrift shop in the area. They’ve got great stuff!

Besides, vintage pieces are very feminine and oh-so glamorous. You can be more playful and less mainstream with your look by wearing thrift store picks. Go ahead and add a little vintage to your look.

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