Life Changes

We often get frustrated with any “waiting time,” to understand what will happen in our future. We anticipate. We agonize. We can get into analysis paralysis. Or not.

Many people have learned to live in the moment, and surrender their fears to God. Others have had a lifetime of anxious periods, and continue the journey – sometimes optimistic and sometimes weary.

I never judge. We each have an important life story, with no need to explain to any person.

While I have a strong faith, I also can become preoccupied with juggling my concerns. I’m working on this. Maybe you are too.

Here are some thoughts to ponder on various topics, as we reflect through our days:

Relationships unfolding

Many are waiting to see how a conversation (or loss for words), choices in actions or the natural progression of relationships will unfold.

If we have never dealt with rejection before, this can be difficult. If we have lived a life of rejection, it can be difficult to be truly open to another.

I always remind myself that we cannot control another person’s feelings. Yet we can do a variety of other things.

We can coexist. We can choose to prune someone out of our lives because of negativity. We also can choose to use the best intentions and kindness in our actions; whether with someone else or ourselves.


I am particularly interested in the dreams we have made for ourselves. Our imaginations are powerful. Thoughts are full of power.

Our thoughts flow into our words – and then into actions and commitment.

I believe that because a dream does not come true, exactly as we envisioned, it does not mean we missed the mark. Yet many lose sight of what did occur, as well as the importance of having dreams.

I encourage you to keep making precious goals. They are a thumbprint (and blueprint) for your uniqueness in contributions to this world. And they make a great difference in how you lead your life.

Medical diagnoses

Each time someone I know was diagnosed with an illness, disease or cancer, there were numerous waiting periods for them.

You may have a family history of a diagnosis, wondering if it’s in your future as well. People with family histories can have a preoccupation, even “survivor guilt,” with their anticipations.

As a person who experienced breast cancer more than five years ago, I can understand these sentiments. I also know I cannot focus my life on potential negative possibilities. I can only do my best, if they appear. You too?

When others are ill, we can be consumed. We have no control, which is frustrating. This may be a good time to consider faith and prayer.

Financial possibilities

In so many ways, financial futures can be planned for with the aid of good counsel and researching options.

There are other times we cannot predict – such as layoffs. I have experienced three in my lifetime, and understand your process of getting back on track.

Many of us live from check to check, with no wiggle room. I encourage you to seek support. I also deeply encourage you to continue to believe in yourself and your future.

Future inspirations

It’s important to always anticipate future inspirations. They are all around you. It’s wonderful.

Take a moment to tell those whom you know have inspired you – as they have been important catalysts. Words and kindness are powerful.

Work opportunities

Sometimes we wonder how work opportunities might progress in the future. Take the lead. Go after your dreams.

I understand that many areas where people live, might not have the exact opportunity you envision right now. You might be weighing the odds about moving away, which may mean leaving family and friends. Only you know.

I moved away for several jobs in my lifetime, yet returned home as family are people I want in my daily life. I also started a sideline business in 1995. My point? Make it up as you go. And listen to the “life mission” you hear within your soul.

Using someone else’s life as a “yardstick” never worked for me.

Our aging process

None of us can anticipate how we will age, yet we can be proactive.

There can be uncomfortable feelings regarding energy levels, rounding bellies, thinning or graying hair, past decisions and-or the fear of being alone.

Take one thing at a time. Enjoy who you are now, and how far you have come. Look at your wisdom through experience. Look at your true beauty. Others see it too.

Watching loved ones age

When others are in discomfort from aging, it can be very difficult to experience.

Yet think of the other person. Not being able to do what they had done before, or play the role in which they intended, is very difficult for their sense of identity.

You can encourage them. Live with them where they are in their journey; just as you hope someone will offer the same kindness and patience with you.

Do not force them to be someone they are not – as this expectation can be exhausting for both of you. And if you are a caregiver, make time for your personal needs without guilt.

Which roof will be

over our heads?

I know many people who are wondering which roof will be over their head; tomorrow and in the future.

Planning along the way might assist you in deescalating anxieties. Prayer has been the focus for many. Resource groups may be able to assist with counsel.

The unanticipated lessons

There will be phenomenal lessons that will astound us in our future. They may seem larger than the Grand Canyon with as simple a feeling as the breeze blowing.

Things we would never imagine or anticipate. Look for them just around the corner.

The journey

Your road is different than anyone else’s. It’s quite special. Your history has impacted many. Your future will do so as well.

Look to do what is right and kind. Stay non-judgmental as well as “wiser.” Stay true to your soul’s song.


One thing I know for certain is that you will receive many blessings in your lifetime, more than you can count. Believe in those blessings. Each one is a major gift.

May your future offer all positive journeys for you and your family. May health and wealth be plentiful and timely. May blessings flow, along with lessons that are insightful. And may you always feel a sense of peace.

Langley is the author of the newly released book, titled “Life Changes” Her column prints in the first Sunday of each month in the Lifestyle section.