Local author publishes third installment in trilogy

Step aside, gentlemen – this damsel can handle her own distress.

Local author ElissaBeth Frear recently published the final installment of her trilogy, “The Thin Greyy Line.” The book, “White Horses for Greyy” is the epic fantasy adventure of the elf maiden Greyylene.

The main character, Greyylene, was dreamed up by Frear after years of playing an online game with a similar character. The name, she said, means “Ghost Maiden” and for her, it was perfect. The spy character had the ability to hide – a very important trait in staying alive. Starting as a game character, she morphed into her own individual as the books began to unfold.

“Greyylene is a character of mine from an online game I have been playing for years,” Frear said. “In the game she is a pirate who is most happy when causing trouble and being a general nuisance to another set of players who run the navy. What better inspiration for a good bad guy than to make a female pirate go head-to-head with a navy commander?”

The game antics became something of a fun adventure with other players. Several would collaborate and write up scenarios for the forum pages, which turned into several years’ worth of storylines.

Frear said she began telling her children about the trouble Greyy was stirring in the game.

“We would all get a kick out of her antics,” she said. “One evening our daughter said, ‘Momma, you really should be writing these stories down. They would make a great book.’ Silly me took her up on it.”

The “Thin Greyy Line” trilogy chronicles the journey of Greyylene, an Elf maiden, as she discovers a world beyond the borders of her small village. Through a series of unrelated accidents and events she is introduced to the life of a ship captain. As her tale unfolds, she is forced to face a destiny that would bring elements together many never thought possible, a release said.

“Greyy’s story was only supposed to be one book, but the further into her life I dove, the more complex it got,” Frear said. “One book was clearly not going to be sufficient to cover the life of an elf. We all know an elf can live for ages – clearly I was not thinking that all the way through when I began. Three books later and Greyy finally gets to sail into the sunset.”

Frear said the character was naturally made female and as the books evolved, she became stronger and bigger.

“She won’t back down from a fight, she doesn’t put up with other people’s grief, and most importantly, she is firmly committed to being her own individual without becoming a doormat to the whims of pleasing others,” Frear said. “Greyylene prefers to be outdoors, hunting, fishing, climbing trees and making mud pies. Being a female, those things are meant to be left to the men. She was never one to give into the ‘what should be’ attitude. Her natural curiosity plays a big role in her personal discovery and the course her life takes once the adventure beings.”

Frear stressed that she does not write romance. This is fantasy adventure, she said. Greyy is not a romantic sort of female, so shipboard romances should not be expected.

“That is not to say she doesn’t find romance,” she added, though. “When she isn’t looking, love comes in and blindsides her, adding a bit of reprieve to her naturally violent lifestyle.”

Parts of Greyy are lessons Frear learned in her own life, but there are also pieces that she sees when she looks in the mirror and squints really hard, hoping to see them. Greyy, the author said, is made up of the best, worst and imagined parts of herself.

As stated by one reviewer of the books, for those looking for “Pirates of the Caribbean” meets “Lord of the Rings,” this is your trilogy.

As described by Frear, the first installment, “Black, White and Shades of Greyy,” is 388 pages, and introduces the characters that will sail through the rest of the trilogy. This is where Greyylene is introduced to the life of a pirate and finds herself at odds with the navy.

“Greyy Area,” at 374 pages, continues to follow Greyy and her crew through breaking a curse. Circumstances turn, allowing her to join the ranks of the navy she used to fight. They must battle a common enemy that is much stronger than their individual forces, bringing pirates and navy under one banner. She meets new friends, and rallies unlikely forces as allies. Their goal is peace.

The final book, “White Horses for Greyy,” is 324 pages and finds the hard fought peace tested by an evil never before seen in their lands. Greyylene and her crew waltz into the center of trouble with the style and grace befitting an albatross trying to land. Actions and consequences take a toll forcing a battle for the survival of the world. Once the call has been answered and a resounding victory proclaimed, Greyylene finds it time to sail into the sunset. The white horses are the white tops of the waves. The ocean called her and she answered.

All books are available for download at Amazon.com.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/BlackWhiteAndShadesOfGreyy.