Red Cross working with community aid organization

Officials at the SUN Area and NCPA chapters of the American Red Cross confirm that they are working with Community Aid Inc., to collect and distribute gently used clothing and small appliances. Several calls have been received by both chapters about the legitimacy of the partnership as advertised by Community Aid.

“It has long been our policy not to collect and attempt to distribute used items of either clothing or small appliances, because of the difficulty in equitably serving our clients this way,” said Tom Szulanczyk, chapter executive for both the SUN Area and the North Central PA chapters. “But this is a great partnership, they do all the pick-up and sale of the items in the Community Aid shops in our community and make a financial donation to us, that better allows us to serve our clients.”

Persons who receive a post card in the mail or a phone call from the Community Aid organization can rest assured that the partnership is legitimate and they are contributing to a trusted organization, working in tandem with the American Red Cross.

Bins featuring the logos of other not-for-profit entities can be seen in and around the chapter buildings as well as in easy to reach drop off locations in church and other public building parking lots.

“We encourage folks to scour their closets for clean, gently used clothes and place them inside the bins for pick-up,” said Szulanczyk.

The items will be sold at the Community Aid stores at very reasonable prices helping those in need.

For more information about the partnership and to find the locations for their thrift stores visit