Tony’s story

Hello Santa,

It is hard to believe that Christmas is quickly coming upon us.

At The Salvation Army we are working hard to help as many people as possible to ensure that those that are in need are able to have a blessed, thankful Christmas.

Prior to the business of the Christmas season my wife and I were able to visit our son in Concord, N.H.

This was our first trip to New Hampshire. We were both eagerly anticipating arriving to our destination. There are many boys and girls, and not so little boys and girls, eagerly anticipating your arrival also Santa, including me!

On the drive to Concord I had a chance to listen to one of my favorite groups, Bruce Stringsteen and the E Street Band, and hear one of my favorite songs, ‘Land of Hope and Dreams.’ The lyrics include; this train carries saints and sinners, this train carries losers and winners, this train carries lost souls, this train dreams will not be thwarted, this train faith will be rewarded … and on it goes.

For some strange reason, I often think of William Booth (the founder of The Salvation Army) as well as The Salvation Army when I hear that song. I picture William Booth welcoming one and all to The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is not a train to hop on board but rather a Christian mission to help those in need – saints and sinners, losers and winners, lost souls, and so on. In that way we are all part of The Salvation Army.

Christmas songs fill the airway, including Springsteen’s song, ‘Santa Claus Is Coming.’ We are all awaiting your special visit with anticipation, Santa.

Safe travels to you and to all hoping that this Christmas season brings special blessings to everyone. Hope to see you soon.


Please help by giving generously to the Sun-Gazette and the Salvation Army Santa Fund.

You can help make this a brighter holiday season for local families by making a contribution in person to any branch of M&T Bank or by mail to M&T Bank at 405 River Ave.; at the Salvation Army, 457 Market St.; or the Sun-Gazette office, 252 W. Fourth St., Williamsport, PA 17701.

The Santa Fund is a fundraiser organized by the Sun-Gazette and the Salvation Army to help local families in need.