Cosmetic Chaos

I love colors.

I’m that girl who waits in anticipation for Pantone to announce their Color of the Year. (And yes, I’m totally okay with Radiant Orchid.)

I’m the girl who nobody who knows me bats an eyelash at the fact that I come into work the next day with some purple in my hair or neon, glitter-y nails.

And while a majority of my wardrobe consists of black, I use every accessory I can to make a statement – nail polish, earrings … you name it and I’ll try it.

I enjoy seeing colors trending, which for 2013 seemed to be neons on one end of the spectrum and pastels on the other.

With nail color, pastels and neons took over, especially for the warmer months.

And who doesn’t like a hot pink pedicure to accompany you to the beach?

Dark rich colors, such as last year’s oxblood red, were still around for 2013.

I love that fall embraces the colors that remind me of coziness of the fall months.

Hunter and Army greens were great colors and in a muted way also work well as eyeshadows.

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013 was Emerald Green, another one of my favorite colors.

It blew up not only on runways, but in every day fashion in the forms of tops, dresses, scarves and make up.

If you’re afraid of color, a great way to try it out is to just try one color at a time.

For instance, trying a nail polish color that is bright is a temporary way to start with color.

My favorite brands are Essie and OPI.

One of my favorite statement colors is their color, called Butler Please, which is a cobalt but vibrant blue.

Every single time I wear this nail polish, someone comments on how much they like it.

The key to making statement-colors work is to not go overboard. Don’t wear a bright pink lipstick with a neon green-winged eyeliner.

It’s always good to take one understated color, such as a neutral color like black, gray or tan – and pairing it with a pop of color. For winter, it might be a bright red with black, or neon yellow with gray.

What trends in 2014 are you excited about? Have any products you think I should review?

Send me and email, and let me know!