Fashion trends of 2013

Every year fashion sees tons of different trends pass through. Sometimes they stick, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes fashion delves into the depths of its files, pulling trends from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, almost testing pop culture and the fashion obsessed to see if it will stick around or not.

Regardless, it becomes edgier and edgier each year, pushing the limits. On the opposite spectrum though, fashion can make some of the most understated trends blow up, leaving critics appreciating simplicity when most of the fashion world is still trying to shock and wow.

Take a trip down memory lane with this list of some of the fashion trends from 2013.

Pastel and ‘ombre’ hair

While there are many people out there who like to partake in strange hair colors (myself included!), you know it’s a big deal when runways are debuting lavender, baby pink hair. Many celebrities only lent popularity to the trend, including Kelly Obsbourne and Katy Perry, sporting unnatural, yet classy hair styles. While the hair color is a little difficult to maintain, it is an easy way to try something different without too much commitment.

Ombre hairstyles took their turn, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way. This style, a lightening of the ends of the hair, gave a natural, care-free style to hair. But beware, this technique is best left to a professional. Bleaching your own hair, especially the ends, which are weaker, can be tricky and you can end up damaging your hair more than you originally thought.

Crazy nail designs

2013 welcomed the influx of creative nail designs, different colors on each finger, and different shapes. “Stilletto” nails, or nails filed to a point, were very popular. Celebrities like Rihanna and Lana del Rey sported the impractical shape, and a quick search on the internet brings a plethora of sharp, glittery talons that woman are sporting, making me wonder how do they do anything?

Dressing like a lumberjack

Kurt Cobain would have been proud of the massive amounts of plaid and “rocker grunge” styles that were hitting runways and streets this year. Combat boots, plaid shirts and thrift store T-shirts were found in stores – not just thrift stores – for both men and women in 2013. Beanies were another staple for outfits, but that might have been to go along with the grunge factor of not washing your hair.

Combat boots were one of my favorite trends this year, coming in different patterns and even with “girly” spins with leopard print linings and different shades.

As for 2014, I predict these trends will stick around, for a little bit, but who knows what else the fashion world will come up with next.

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Wiegand is a Lifestyle and Entertainment reporter at the Sun-Gazette. Her column, Cosmetic Chaos, is published on the last Friday of each month in the Lifestyle section.