Library’s ‘Wowbrary’ weekly features

‘Season of Miracles’

Based on the award-winning novel by Rusty Whitener, “Season of Miracles” follows the Robins, an underdog Little League team through their 1974 season with Rafer, a newcomer and autistic baseball savant.

Team leader Zack takes Rafer under his wing despite taunting from their rivals, the Hawks. Their coach and the rest of the Robins encourage Rafer as the team rises towards an unlikely championship season, which is less about winning and losing and more about living and dying.

“Season of Miracles” is a life-inspiring story about sportsmanship, friendship, love between a father and son, and courage in the face of adversity.

‘Wild Animal Neighbors: Sharing Our Urban World’ By Ann Downer

What would you do if you found an alligator in your garage?

Or if you spotted a mountain lion downtown?

In cities and suburbs around the world, wild creatures are showing up where we least expect them.

Not all of them arrive by accident – and some are here to stay.

As the human population tops more than seven billion, animals are running out of space. Their natural habitats are surrounded – and sometimes even replaced – by highways, shopping centers, office parks and subdivisions.

The result is a wildlife invasion of urban neighborhoods. What kinds of animals are making cities their new home?

‘Penguins’ By Kate Riggs

A kindergarten-level introduction to penguins, covering their growth process, behaviors, the coasts they call home, and such defining physical features as their flippers.

Library’s ‘Wowbrary’ weekly features

‘As I Lay Dying’

From Millennium

Directed by Oscar-nominated James Franco from a screenplay by James Franco and Matt Rager, “As I Lay Dying” is adapted from the 1930 classic American novel by William Faulkner.

The story chronicles the Bundren family as they traverse the Mississippi countryside to bring the body of their deceased mother Addie to her hometown for burial. Addie’s husband Anse and their children, Cash, Darl, Jewel, Dewey Dell and the youngest one, Vardaman, leave the farm on a carriage with her coffin – each affected by Addie’s death in a profound and different way.

‘2 Guns’

From Uni Dist Corp

Whether you consider it a question or an answer, the ironic title of this fast, funny and brutally beautiful buddy thriller is both misleading and perfectly apt.

There are way more than two guns in “2 Guns” (don’t even try to keep count), but the only two that matter are Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg as “bromantic” heroes who create enough chemistry to rival the firepower that makes most everything in “2 Guns” go bang.

‘The Very Fairy Princess Sparkles in the Snow’

By Julie Andrews

The Winter Wonderland Festival is just around the corner, and Gerry knows this is her moment to SHINE.

She’s the most enthusiastic singer around, so she’s certain her music teacher will choose her to perform the solo. She takes every opportunity to show him her very best voice during rehearsal, during lunchtime, and even during recess.

When a professional singer is given the solo instead, Gerry is crushed … but as the snow begins to fall, she finds a way to get her SPARKLE back!

Library’s ‘Wowbrary’ weekly features

“The First Phone Call from Heaven: A Novel (Electronic Format)”

By Mitch Albom

“The First Phone Call from Heaven” tells the story of a small town on Lake Michigan that gets worldwide attention when its citizens start receiving phone calls from the afterlife.

Is it the greatest miracle ever or a massive hoax? Sully Harding, a grief-stricken single father, is determined to find out. An allegory about the power of belief – and a page-turner that will touch your soul – Albom’s masterful storytelling has never been so moving and unexpected.

“Dirty Rocker Boys”

By Bobbie Brown

An uncensored Hollywood tell-all filled with explicit tales of love, sex and revenge from the video vixen made famous by Warrant’s rock anthem “Cherry Pie.”

Since the dawn of music videos, scantily clad girls have captured viewers’ attention, but only a handful have become bona fide video vixens like Bobbie Brown – the star of Warrant’s infamous “Cherry Pie” music video. When Bobbie and Warrant’s lead singer Jani Lane married in 1991, after he proposed live on the Howard Stern show, she became one half of the hottest rocker-model couple in Hollywood.

“Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 2: Scare Tactics (The New 52)”

By Tony S. Daniel

A New York Times Bestseller!

Batman must face the madness of the Mad Hatter, and then take on the Talons of the Court of Owls! But even if he survives that, he must face a whole new set of fears when the Scarecrow returns. Can the Dark Knight overcome the terror the Scarecrow brings? And explore the bizarre similarities between these two enemies and how the idea of fear has shaped their lives.