Super Shoes donates to local family in need


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MUNCY – The number of people who are in financial need is growing.

That is why Super Shoes has donated $350 in gift cards to a local family in need, through Favors Forward, a local organization.

Super Shoes strives to give back to the community and, through donations, they are hoping to bring hope back into families’ lives.

While working with Favors Forward, Super Shoes learned of a local family who has been put through many obstacles in the past several years. Although they have been through many hurdles, they continue to live every day to the fullest.

The main support system of the family is Mary. Mary’s husband passed away about four years ago and she has been raising her six children on her own, but with a smile on her face every day.

Mary and her family live in a trailer that she paid $300 for and received from a local landfill. Although the trailer needs regular maintenance, Mary works very hard to keep her home clean and organized.

Mary works part-time for a cleaning company and has very little material possessions and her children have very few toys.

Even though it seems that Mary is being put through so many hardships, she manages to donate her time by helping with bingo at her church.

Super Shoes has donated to Mary and her family through Favors Forward.

For more information about Favors Forward, visit www.favorsforwar

Through the years, Super Shoes has donated to several organizations and they have been working with Favors Forward for many years.