The Salvation Army Santa Fund: Amy’s story

Dear Santa,

What do you think The Salvation Army does?

It’s a question worth pondering.

I think it’s important to know an answer; after all, it’s not worth putting time, energy and resources into something if you aren’t sure what the point is.

So, Santa, I decided to ask around. “What do you think The Salvation Army does?” One of the Golden Agers, our newest program geared toward seniors, said that The Salvation Army gives her a place to meet new friends and strengthen her faith.

Someone in the social service office said the other day that The Salvation Army provided them with a Christmas for their family that they wouldn’t have had any other way.

One of my coworkers said that she thinks The Salvation Army helps people who are going through a tough time or tragedy.

One of the members of the church (a soldier) said that The Salvation Army is her church home, where she worships every Sunday, learns about the Bible through studies with the Captains and draws her closer every week to God.

I asked my family, “What do you think The Salvation Army does?” My 6 year old said, “hand out toys to boys and girls at Christmas” (true); my 10 year old said, “spread God’s word” (also true); and my 13 year old said, “basically help people” (another solid answer).

My husband’s response was good too (and made me realize he does listen to me!) “The Salvation Army helps people in a tough spot; whether financially or spiritually.”

Santa, these are all great and accurate responses.

Personally, I believe The Salvation Army instills hope in people.

I think people may come to The Salvation Army for physical, financial, emotional or spiritual help and they may walk away with help in some or all of those areas but they also should leave with hope from The Salvation Army.

Hope that they are not alone; hope that the trial they are going through is temporary; hope that there is help for them; hope that there is more to this life.

So, Santa, what do you think The Salvation Army does?