Odds & Ends

At the Sun-Gazette, we often receive product samples and press releases from companies promoting their new and-or unusual items. We thought we’d tell you about some of these new products in the hopes that one of these “odds and ends” will be right for you or someone you know.


The Nexbelt is the belt with no holes. There are a variety of holeless belts for both men and women in different colors and styles. The product I tried was the “Gem” in ebony chrome in the golf series. It is a black belt with lightly textured leather and a chrome buckle with rhinestone gems.

It is a belt designed for golfers that comes with its own ball rhinestone marker hidden in the belt buckle. I’m not a golfer myself, but I loved the design and look of the belt.

The sample I received was a bit too large for me, but I still was able to try it out. The leather is very sturdy and the buckle was very easy to use.

The belt slides through the buckle and then through a series of teeth that click the belt into place instead of using a traditional buckle with holes in the belt, so the belt has a continuous smooth look.

The wearer simply squeezes the release on the belt buckle to release the belt from the teeth to take it off.

The style I tried has a buckle size of 1 5/8-by-2 5/16-inches and the belt strap width is 1 7/16 inches and it retails for $59.99.

This particular belt also comes in white and pink with chrome buckle and white and black with a gold buckle.

The company also features other styles in the golf series, such as the “Go-in!” featuring 13 different styles and colors; the “colour,” featuring seven different colored belts; the “X-factor,” featuring an “X” on the buckle in six different styles; the “Sleek,” featuring five different styles and colors; and the “Heritage,” featuring the flags of 27 different countries on the buckle. These belts retail between $49.99 to $59.99.

They also have several styles in the classic series, such as the “reptile,” featuring 10 different styles and colors; the “Essentials,” featuring eight different styles and colors; the “Rachel,” featuring four different colors; the “Allie,” featuring five different colors; the “Canvas,” featuring three different colors of striped canvas belts; and the “Econ,” featuring seven different styles and colors. The belts in this series retail between $34.99 and $89.99.

All the styles of belts can be seen at their website, www.nexbelt.com.


CableKeeps by Nice are designed to prevent tangles with electronics charger cables. They come in many different varieties, styles and colors and all resemble a different sea creature and even have their own names.

I tried “Goldie,” for my iPhone charger.

Goldie is orange and is in the shape of a cute little fish. Goldie also comes in light blue, dark blue, green, red and purple and also can be used for an iPod and iPad Mini.

The charger base fits snug into the middle of Goldie and I could wrap the cord around its tail to secure the cable and charger together.

It also can be used as a charging pedestal by resting the phone on the fish’s tail while charging in the wall.

This item is perfect for keeping your cords from tangling in a suitcase or purse when traveling, or just when you are at home.

They also make a great gift for both teenagers and adults.

Other products by Nice include “Nibbles” and “Gulp,” both for an iPad charger; “Spike,” for Ero plugs for the iPhone, iPod and iPad Mini; and “Ink,” for the UK plug for the iPhone, iPod and iPad Mini. All products are available in a variety of colors.

CableKeeps retail for $16 each and also are available in multi-packs of five for $60 and are available online at nicebydesign.com.

If you have a product you would like us to review, email the information to life@sungazette.com.