Cookie cravers celebrate as Girl Scouts begin annual sale

Words like chocolaty, chewy and crunchy can describe the cookies, while words like courageous, confident and character can describe the traits of the salesperson for Girl Scout in the Heart of Pennsylvania’s (GSHPA) 2014 Girl Scout Cookie sale now through March 16.

Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Samoas, Trefoils, Do-Si-Dos, Savannah Smiles, Dulche de Leches and Thank You Berry Munches can be found in Girl Scout booths outside local businesses and throughout communities in GSHPA’s 30-county service area.

Finding specific locations is as easy as punching a zip code into the free Girl Scouts Cookie Locator app for both Android and iPhone users or visiting www.findcookiesnow .org.

The process of selling cookies teaches the girls valuable lessons that they can carry on into their professional lives.

Girls learn how to set goals, make decisions, money management, people skills and business ethics.

These skills further teach the girls how to make decisions as a team, problem solving and how they can use their success and talents to benefit not just their troop, but also the world.

Girl Scout Troops are learning important life skills such as financial literacy, the basics of running a small business and how to market more than just the tasty contents of a Girl Scout Cookie box.

In their communication with their customers girls are becoming advocates for their organization by informing customers where the proceeds go.

“Girl Scout Cookies give the girls a chance to earn their income, which they can use for camp. Making their own way empowers the girls,” said Ruth Brown, a Girl Scout volunteer for more than 12 years.

All the proceeds of the cookies will stay in GSHPA’s 30-counties and will help keep participation in Girl Scouts affordable for all girls by helping to offset the costs of summer camp, troop activities, council-wide events and trips.

Additionally, a portion of the proceeds can be used by troops to go on trips and a traditional favorite Girl Scout summer camp, where girls can try new things, like the high ropes adventure course and horseback riding.

“Physical, outdoor challenges, such as those offered by GSHPA, play an enormous role in boosting Girls’ self-esteem and leadership skills,” Ransom said.