Cosmetic Chaos: Battling dry winter skin

With about a million more weeks of winter ahead of us, we all are scowling at the fact that this polar vortex is not only taking a toll on our streets and cars, but our skin, hair and nails as well.

The only way to salvage your looks, pull yourself together and brave the cold is to be prepared. With winter comes winter skin – dry, scaly, unmoist skin; brittle, static-prone hair; and chipping nails.

Here are a few products I use to combat the coldness and make sure I’m not so miserable till April hits.

Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go

Besides making some of my favorite nail polishes, OPI also has a great line of cuticle and hand products. The Avoplex Cuticle Oil is a constant in my collection of products. I buy two at a time, one for my purse and one for my desk. The small, convenient bottle has a brush tip, which helps make gliding the oil on your cuticles easy and not messy. It’s a non-drip formula, so you can put it on and go. The oil includes avocado, sunflower, sesame and kukui nut oils. The best thing about this is the avocado oil, which the skin absorbs completely, not leaving a greasy feeling that some oils can have. This product is available at ULTA beauty and wherever OPI products are sold.

Vaseline Intensive Rescue Healing Hand Cream

This is another staple in my purse. The fragrance free lotion is great for hands and all over. Once again, a non-greasy formula makes this lotion one of my favorites for the colder winter months. Although I love lotions that smell like flowers and whatever else, they do tend to dry the skin out. The absence of fragrance makes the light-weight formula ideal for colder months when your hands are dry and sometimes cracked. This product is available in any drug store.

Baby Lips,

Dr. Rescue

This line from Maybeline has been a lifesaver for me. They come in different shades, which aren’t lipsticks, just subtle color. I love the clear one – it’s menthol and smooth, but not sticky at all. Maybeline claims that the Baby Lips products restore hydration to dry cracked lips, and I can attest to that. The nice thing about the colored ones is that you can still have a little class and not have to blob Carmex all over your lips.

Redken Extreme Anti Snap Shampoo, Conditioner

and Leave-in Treatment

While this product is a little pricey, it is completely worth it for damaged, dry hair. The shampoo and conditioner smell great and the leave-in treatment has been a lifesaver for my bleached hair. Helping to mend split ends and keep moisture in hair, this is a great product for hair that feels dull and lifeless during the winter months. With more moisture in the hair, it cuts down on the dreaded static that we all get when the air is below zero like it has been the last several weeks.

Wiegand is a reporter for the Lifestyle and Entertainment departments. She can be reached at